The Team Who Brought Us The Underground Carpark Rave Are Taking Things North-Side

By Amber De Luca-Tao
3rd May 2019

Ever since last year’s epic underground carpark rave (which you’ll recall as smalltown at B3), we’ve been dreaming of the day that we could do it all again. And our prayers have been answered because the crew who brought us the next level event are back on their you know, and are once again teaming up with Novel to make our techno dreams come true.

As you’d imagine, there’s a massive amount of work and attention to detail that goes into throwing all-time raves. So in the lead up to the event, we went directly to the source (Novel, of course) to hear about the brand new space, as well as to grab a few cheeky tips on what we can look forward to. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination… for now.

The Location

Catani Gardens, Caulfield Racecourse and Brown Alley are just a few of the venues to have played host to the cult fave rave that is smalltown and this time, they’re taking the party to a fresh-faced North-side location in Thornbury.

While retaining the elements of surprise that go hand-in-hand with a North-side rave, we can confirm that the Thornbury location has never before been used as a dedicated rave space. And if you get a kick from hunting down secret bars, you’ll be excited to uncover the space in all of its unassuming glory.

“You can’t point it out amongst the rest of the industrial wasteland. However, as you slowly approach the venue, we guess that the dull thud of techno will be an alluring clue as to the whereabouts of the location. Or just follow the streams of punters as they are enticed by the full sounds of the warm bass echoing over Thornbury.”

Lights And Music

If you’ve ever attended Pitch Music & Arts Festival, Strawberry Fields (or other non-doof Melbourne events including White Night and Melbourne Music Week), you’ll know that John Fish = visual feast. Yep, the highly creative mob at John Fish, who also responsible for the mesmerizing stage design and lighting at B3, have been appointed to take care of all things visual for the upcoming smalltown.

And that brings us to the airwaves. Full Throttle Entertainment who are behind the sound of Australia’s biggest festivals will be covering the aural end of things for the day. As well as bringing back the world-class Function-One sound system, they’ll also be bringing in the same sound panels that were used at the B3 event to soak up the reverb. Two words: pitch perfect.

How To Tackle The Event

Novel has made sure that they’ll be utilising every square inch of the venue, with the intention of creating a realm of dance affairs where you can release your inner child. There’ll also be designated zones where you can chill, converse and contemplate the meaning of life… if required.

“We acknowledge that human beings need some musical variety so our industrial doof will include the sweet sounds from a variety of genres across three spaces. However, if you decide to spend the majority of your time in the main room you can prepare yourself to drift away in a musical journey orchestrated by our main headliners.”

The Line-Up

You might be coming for the vibes, but you’ll be staying for the tunes. An elite trio of internationally acclaimed DJs has been entrusted to headline (or rather, christen) the space’s main room. You can expect more than just banging techno, with each artist bringing something a little different to the decks for each of their three-hour sets.

Ben Klock

He’s a resident DJ at the Berghain, yep we know, say no more. He’s also renowned for being able to activate complete dance floor potential. Thunderous, cavernous, immense, rolling—four of the buzz words used to describe the sound of a Ben Klock set. They’re also the words you’ll be using to describe how you’ll be feeling mid-set. Do yourself a favour and listen to, Subzero, if you haven’t already. Check out more of his music here.

Jennifer Cardini

Jennifer Cardini’s post-punk garage techno tunes have filled the rooms of some of the world’s most revered clubs including Berlin’s Panorama Bar and De School in Amsterdam. Not to mention festivals including Melt and Burning Man. Cardini integrates techno, electro and disco to produce a sound that makes you feel like there’s nothing left to do but dance. Check out her track, August in Paris. You’re welcome. Check out more of her music here.

Mind Against

Be prepared to be wrapped in the thickest, warmest blanket of bass you have ever experienced. The Italian brother duo that is Mind Against possess a very distinctive sound of techno, drawing on 80s soundtracks and elements of modern dance for inspiration. These guys will have you captivated in only the very best way. Check out more of their music here.


If you like to plan ahead and are already considering transport and route options, we’ve got a suggestion. You can start by making your way from Flinders Street Station. Jump on a train from the Hurstbridge Line and touch off at Fairfield Station. A 200-metre walk will see you to corner of Wingrove Street where you can grab the 567 bus to Rossmoyne Village. All that’s left is a brisk 900-metre walk to the destination. And if that’s already got you exhausted, (we know you were thinking about Uber-ing that whole time), you can always fair split a trip with your mates. Or Ola or DiDi. Whatever works.

Set times are yet to be dropped, so stay tuned on their socials for the release. In the meantime, you best be organising your kit.

The Details

What: smalltown with Ben Klock, Jennifer Cardini and Mind Against
When: Saturday 11 May 12pm-11pm
Where: 251 Collins Street, Thornbury
For more info, head here.

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