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6 Of The Best Wildflower Walks You’ll Find In Victoria

By Ben Tyers
11th Nov 2019

Spring. It’s the time of year when all your favourite plants come into their element, and it’s a time when you’re probably going to be reaching for the nearest antihistamine more than once.

Spring is the time of year when Victoria comes to life with wildflowers blooming in national parks all around the state just waiting for you to come and see.

Here are the best spots to find wildflowers in Victoria.

Hollow Mountain (Wudjub-Guyan)


The Grampians is a great spot to have a peek at some native wildflowers. You're likely to see pink, and white heath, orchids, blooming tea tree, and more.

The Hollow Mountain hike is a 2.2km return trip, and will take your around 2-hours to complete. It's a steep climb, so it's tough going. But you'll be rewarded with views overlooking Mount Stapylton and the Wimmera plains.

Find out more about Hollow Mountain here.

Mount Abrupt (Mud-Dadjug)


With a wildflower collection in the same vein as Hollow Mountain, Mount Abrupt features a 6.5km round trip hike that should take you around 3-hours to complete.

From the peak, you'll catch views of the Serra Range, and the township of Dunkeld. You might also spot some local birdlife such as wedge-tailed eagles, nankeen kestrels, and peregrine falcons.

Find out more about Mount Abrupt here.

Fosters Gully Nature Walk

Latrobe Valley

Set in the Morwell National Park, you're likely to come across rare native orchids on this 2.3km return walk.

The area is home to more than 40 species of native orchids and is set in the foothills of Victoria's Strzelecki Ranges. 

Find out more about the Fosters Gully Nature Walk here.

McLoughlins & Ninety Mile Beach Walk


The Ninety Mile Beach is exactly that, a really long beach.

In Gippsland, you're likely to catch wildflowers including orchids, wattle, and heathland. You'll find a range of native wildflowers in the dunes near McLoughlins Beach and along the wider Ninety Mile Beach. You'll also catch birdlife on the 1km return walk. It's an easy walk and should only take 30-minutes to complete.

Find out more about the McLoughlins Beach Walk here.

Pink Lakes Trail


If you fancy a fair trip out of the city, the Pink Lakes Trail in Victoria's Murray-Sunset National Park is just the spot for you.

In springs, four of the park's lakes turn bright pink which is quite the spectacle. The effect is caused by the release of a red pigment called carotene by algae in the water.

On the Pink Lake Trail you're likely to find Victoria's largest flower, the Murray Lily, and also Australia's rarest bird, the black-eared miner.

Find out more about the Pink Lakes Trail here.

Mount Stapylton Walk


Another entry from the Grampians, Mount Stapylton features native wildflowers similar to what you'll find at Mount Abrupt, and Hollow Mountain.

This walk is 4.6kms long, and is likely to take you around 2-hours 30 minutes to get through. Climb up the steep rock slope of Flat Rock and you'll be presented with a view of the natural amphitheatre.

Find out more about the Mount Stapylton Walk here.

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Image credit: Visit Victoria

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