St. Ali Just Released A Very Fancy Instant Coffee

By James Shackell
29th May 2018


Put down the Nescafe Blend43 and step away from Moccona Classic Medium. For the love of all that is holy, just do it.

St. Ali just released a fancy new instant coffee, and fighting hangovers has never looked classier.

Here’s what’s happened. St. Ali teamed up with Oregon-based company, Voilà, who make instant coffees...but the good kind, not the six-glasses-will-make-me-feel-human kind.

The team has just released what they’re calling “specialty instant coffee”—a Colombian washed Finca La Laja that St. Ali’s Salvatore Malatesta describes as “the best instant coffee on the planet.” Clearly not worried about over-hype on this one.

“We’re early adopters of anything we think is new and cool,” says Salvatore, “so when I had the opportunity to meet Kent from Violà who was doing something new and interesting in the instant space, we decided that a collaboration with those guys was a must.”

The Finca La Laja is the first in what will (hopefully) be a whole range of specialty instant coffee. Like all St. Ali blends, it’s delicious, traceable and ethically sourced. If you’re one of the people who claims they can actually taste coffee (underneath soy milk, sugar and a chilli scrambled) this blend has notes of plum, brown sugar and florals. There you go.

At the moment you can get St. Ali coffee online or in-person at St. Ali and Sensory Lab. A bag will set you back $16. Now, where did we put the fancy biccies...

Image credit: St Ali 

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