Saunas Without Steam?! Meet Our New Favourite Relaxation Spot

By Clare Acheson
2nd Jun 2015

I know it looks like all we do here at The Urban List is float around Melbourne, eating burgers and quaffing espresso martinis, but the truth of the matter is that we all work pretty hard. Delivering you guys awesome new stuff to check out isn’t easy, yo! So when it comes to relaxation, we absolutely NEED a treatment that’s going to totally chill us out...Without actually chilling us out—it’s freakin’ freezing out there right now! Listers, say hello to Sunlighten, the only steam-free sauna in the city, and the best sauna in Melbourne to book in for some body-warming me-time.

If you’re anything like us, we can bet you’re thinking “Steam-free saunas? How the f#¢k does that work?!” The answer, as with most amazing things (like magnets and babies), is science. Sunlighten’s incredible infrared saunas gently warm the body using infrared technology, which is free from dangerous UV rays.  Unlike the traditional hot rock sauna you know from the gym, infrared heat gently warms the body and penetrates to release toxins and relax muscles  so you leave feeling  warm for hours after your pamper sesh. There’s no steam, no hot-rocks, and no hotter-than-the-earth’s-core air vent that I always seem to scorch myself against in regular saunas. Winner.

The Sunlighten sauna cabins themselves are slick, modern and—more to the point—completely private, meaning you can relax entirely, without a care in the world. Better yet, these Melbourne saunas come complete with a tablet (yup, you can use your iPad or Kindle inside the sauna!) that allows you to select the heat cycle that’s right for you. With everything from skin detoxifying cycles to deep muscle pain relief, you’re sure to find a sauna treatment that taps into your needs. I mean, when do you NOT need a sauna sesh that leaves you feeling like you’ve just had a massage?

From the moment you step into Sunlighten, you’re in for a treat. The beautiful on-site showering facilities, accompanied by gloriously fluffy robes and luxurious skincare products, are perfect for freshening up after chilling out. If you’re in need of a real relaxation boost, Sunlighten also plays host to the city’s only AirPod—a Japanese oxygen pod that you lie in pre-sauna—which is great for stress relief, muscle recovery and general wellness. On the down-low, it’s also great for kicking hangovers…Just don’t tell them we told you! 

Know someone else who could also do with taking some time out? Many of the Sunlighten saunas are big enough for two people, with one cabin seating up to three, making them the best saunas in Melbourne for a group relaxation session.

As a bonus for you lucky Listers, Sunlighten are giving you the opportunity to take a friend for FREE! Book a cabin at their Melbourne sauna centre and take a friend for free—all you need to do is mention The Urban List when booking.

Keen to try out these amazing steam-free infrared saunas in Melbourne? Get on over to Sunlighten’s website to check availability for up-coming sessions, and get ready to kick your winter blues to the kerb.

Sunlighten | South Melbourne
From $35 per session, book here

Editor's Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Sunlighten and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy. 

Image credit: Nick West for The Urban List

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