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Everything You Need To Know About Supernormal’s New Signature Gin

By Ioana Dragnef
2nd Apr 2019

If you thought Supernormal was running out of cool stuff to sling at us, you thought oh-so-very wrong. 

Andrew McConnell’s beverage director, Leanne Altmann, has teamed up with Applewood Distillery’s Brendan Carter to create a signature—wait for it—Supernormal gin. 

The gin is inspired by Supernormal’s flavours and combines Japanese and indigenous Australian botanicals like green tea, nori, yuzu, riberry, wattleseed and wormwood. And while we might not know what half of those botanicals actually look like in their natural form, we’re pretty sure this gin is going to satisfy both amateurs and connoisseurs alike. This is Supernormal, after all.

The Supernormal gin will be available to purchase from Supernormal on Flinders Lane and on Meatsmith in Fitzroy for $68. 

And if you’re not you’re ready to part with 68 of your precious, hard-earned dollars, the gin will also feature in three delicious cocktails from the Supernormal bar during Supernacular, aka Supernormal’s version of an aperitivo hour. 

Starting April, Supernacular will run from 3pm to 6 pm every weekday and will offer three drinks, each will set you back $10, which sounds like a bargain of thrift store proportions. 

For more info, head over to the Supernormal website.

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