You Can Now Play Dangerous Sushi Roulette In Melbourne

By Megan Whitfield
18th Apr 2018


It's danger and sushi in one delicious spinning wheel of mayhem.

Meet the new dining concept from tasty Japanese joint Yokocho in the CBD. This is one you’re gonna want to bring your mates to. Specifically the ones that can’t handle their spice.  

Basically, you're looking at a spring-loaded wasabi trap. You spin the dial and whichever piece of tender salmon nigiri it lands on, that's the one you have to eat. Of the seven nigiri pieces, two are loaded with fresh wasabi. And let's just say the chef hasn't been stingy. Sure, it may technically be a safer version of the game, but we still don’t envy whoever gets that giant wodge of fiery green stuff. We can’t wait to watch our friends sweat though.

You might want to keep one of Yokocho's signature cocktails handy to put out any unfortunate flames. 

Even better, this one will hardly damage the budget. For a measly $10, you get some awesome Japanese food and the chance to watch your friends squirm (and hopefully have a whole lotta wasabi hit them right in the back of the throat). We know what we're doing on Friday night...

The Details

Where: Yokocho, 200 Bourke St, CBD
When: From5pm – late
For more info, click here

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Image credit: Yokocho 

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