Introducing Talbot Avenue

By Jessica Hackett
29th May 2015

Here at The Urban List we have a very important job: bringing all of Melbourne, nay, the world, the latest and greatest things to help make their lives, simply put, better (albeit fatter).

We don’t take this task lightly, and as they say, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince, and you have to try on a lot of shit clothing before you find a winner”, end quote.

So, it’s with much excitement that we’ve found a fresh newcomer to Melbourne’s active-wear scene to share with you—Talbot Avenue, the ultimate hybrid of lifestyle and fitness apparel.  

Based right here in Melbourne, this active-living brand has been designed with comfort, fashion and function in mind (seriously, what more could you ask for?), and is a brand built on encompassing a happy, healthy lifestyle.

To put it simply, the Talbot Avenue range is going to make you feel so good about yourself you’ll forget that you didn’t brush your hair before pump class.

Talbot is a brand fiiiiinally catering for all body types—suiting every shape and size, but never forgoing style and fashion. And in a town like Melbourne, where your daily motivation to brunch at a #cleaneating cafe is constantly being challenged by your burning desire to hit ‘x’ hot new coronary-inducing burger joint, this is an absolute godsend.

The colour palette is subtle yet stylish, not an ounce of neon in sight, making for a very versatile line of active-wear.

Longer length tees and tanks will hug your lovely lady curves like they deserve to be hugged.  Hidden in-built cushions give those of us who might need a little boost up top, and 3.5inch waistbands keep those jiggly bits well under control.

Pair Moisture-wicking leggings with a breathable, four-way stretch singlet, throw on a jacket (thumbholes are an added bonus) and you’ll find yourself in exercise heaven. But the goodness doesn’t stop there! Think super-soft oversized tees and slouchy trackies. Probably the most comfortable sounding ensemble since the Snuggie!

Talbot Avenue’s 27-piece debut collection feels like they’ve created an outfit for every mood and motivation.  From walking your pug to downward dog and everything in between, they’ve got you covered. We promise you’ll feel like a million bucks and look good without even trying!

Congratulations, Talbot Avenue, your maiden voyage into the seas of exercise and lifestyle apparel has been a roaring success.

Image Credits: Talbot Avenue

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