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Melbourne’s Best Hairdresser for Long Haired Ladies

By Iro Kotsimbos
20th Aug 2014

Whether you're looking to add length and body, want to maintain your long, luscious locks, or need to repair your frazzled strands after a hair-extension-gone-wrong type experience, achieving the perfect long-haired look can be tough! Long hair, don't care?! Pfft, yeah right! Urban Listers, we know you care…A LOT.

There are quite a few long-haired lasses in the TUL offices, so it's long been a mission (see what we did there?!) to find Melbourne's best hairdresser for long hair – a salon that knows juuuust how we like our hair cut, who won't get all scissor happy, offers deeply conditioning treatments to nourish our strands as they grow (because NO, we don't want to cut them), and has all the latest and greatest extensions on offer for when we need to fake it 'til we make itNeedless to say, there was a long sigh of relief (sorry, we can't help ourselves!) when we caught wind of Port Melbourne's Telleish Hair Studio, with a well earned rep as one of the best hairdressers in Melbourne for long hair.

Located on vibrant Bay Street, Telleish Hair Studio are total experts when it comes to cutting, colouring, and fashion-forward styling. Chantelle Cowcher, Telleish's owner and director, and her team know their stuff – we walked in with hair that can only be described as 'alley cat' and walked out with shiny, perfectly styled tresses. 

However it's Telleish Hair Studio's long hair expertise that has people gushing. "At Telleish, we're known for our signature soft, long layers – whether it's through cutting, treatments, or extensions," says Chantelle.

On that note, if you're as impatient as we are and want to fake long, thick tresses, Chantelle stresses the importance of investing in QUALITY hair extensions. "It's so worth the time, effort and money to have good quality hair extensions applied. There's nothing worse than extensions that are poorly made and look fake, as well as extensions that are badly applied – no one wants to see the clip!"

If you're in the market for a Blake Lively-esque barnet, Telleish Hair Studio offers three different types of hair extensions, all using 100% human hair for the most natural, beautiful look. Their incredible extension expertise makes Telleish one of the best Melbourne hairdressers for long hair, folks. 

So which type of hair extensions should you opt for? Chantelle gave us the run-down…


What are they?

"Tape hair extensions are great as they're super simple to apply and remove, and are also gentle on your hair and scalp. Once applied, they're pretty hard to spot, meaning your friends won't be any wiser!"

Who are tape hair extensions best suited to?

"If you're at an awkward hair length, want to fill the gaps in your hair, or even want the balayage effect without the permanency of colouring, then tape hair extensions are for you! Make sure you pop back in every 8-12 weeks to have them maintained."


What are they?

"Available in four different sizes, hair-swift extensions involve a finely stitched weft, with micro beads along the stitching to support. There are two choices with hair-swift hair extensions – Indian or European hair – both giving a natural look and instant length. Not sure which to choose? Indian hair blends naturally with most hair types, but mimics Asian and Caucasian hair particularly well. Known for its strength and 'style-ability', Indian hair is great for those who've never had their own hair chemically treated. On the other hand, European hair is soft and finer in texture."

Who are hair-swift extensions best suited to?

"Suited to all hair types, hair-swifts are particularly good if you want volume and thickness. Like tape extensions, hair-swifts are also quick to apply and require maintenance every 8-12 weeks." 


What are they?

"Amore hair extensions take more time to apply – but boy, they are worth it! The keratin tipped, micro cylinder extensions are individually threaded onto a strand before being securely micro-beaded – this ensures the amore hair extensions are locked in place. Cannot recommend Amore enough!"

Who are Amore hair extensions best suited to?

"If you often tie your hair up or want to fill in small gaps of damaged hair, then Amore is just the ticket. We can customise the number of strands applied depending on what your natural hair is like – 75-100 strands for fine hair, 100-150 for medium hair and 150+ for thick hair. We also recommend touch-ups every 8-12 weeks."


What are they?

"Available in 18 inch and 22 inch lengths, Babe hair extensions have both a tape and micro-bead formation."

Who are Babe hair extensions best suited to?

"Long, luscious lengths on your hair wish list? Babe hair extensions are perfect for the job – easy to apply and style, Babe extensions also give a super natural look."


Prefer to go the natural route and grow out your locks? Telleish Hair Studio can also help you there. "We also offer a split ends treatment that seals the ends back to the hair shaft, helping the hair look healthy again for clients who aren't keen on cutting it whilst they grow out their locks.

"While it's true that regular trims to remove split ends help the growing process, if you still want to keep that little bit of length, then you will LOVE the split ends treatment. Our tip is to visit for a treatment every four weeks."


Telleish Hair Studio also stock the DS Labs hair growth range which…can you believe it…actually works! If your hair is broken beyond belief, thinning more than you care to admit, or falls out whenever your hormones decide to go all cray-cray, then DS Labs might just be your ticket out of hair-disaster town. Suited for both women and men, DS Labs' active ingredient stays active for 12 hours, further enhancing its ability to repair and regrow hair. We've tried and tested it ourselves and can attest that this stuff is quite literally magic is a bottle. DS Labs, where have you been all our lives?

Next time you feel long hair envy coming on and need some help reaching Rapunzel's lengths, book yourself in at Telleish Hair Studio

Image Credit: What The Hellz

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