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The 8 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Year’s Oktoberfest

By Simone Jovel
16th Sep 2016

oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016
oktoberfest sydney 2016

For anyone that’s actually done the real Oktoberfest, this year’s Oktoberfest at the Munich Brauhaus is as legit as Oktoberfest outside of Germany could ever hope to be: A month long event that lasts for six weeks will always get our vote, and what’s even better, is there will be no camping in a Munich football field, or staying in uber expensive hotels, because you my friend will be safely tucked up in your own bed (eventually) ready to do it all again the next day. 

To make sure you make the most of Oktoberfest 2016 we’ve rounded up the top 8 things you just can’t miss at this year’s festival, and yes guys, Lederhosen are included, some might say mandatory.

#1 Taste Testing All Of The Exclusive Oktoberfest Brews 

When we say exclusive we mean these brews are direct from the bier tents in Munich. The likes of Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, Löwenbräu, and Hofbräu are all on offer, we'll just let that one sink in for a bit. For six glorious weeks you can be drinking the same brews as those silly sods that chose to spend all their hard earned coin on a plane ticket, accommodation and the rest of it, when they could have just headed down to the Munich Brauhaus like you clever people.

#2 Keg Tapping and UNLIMITED bier on Opening Weekend

Was it the unlimited bier, the keg tapping, or both that got you? It doesn’t matter really because both of these glorious things are happening and both are something you can well and truly get amongst. The brews from the likes of Lowenbrau, Hofbrau, Paulaner and more are available throughout Oktoberfest and the keg taps are on show every Friday and Saturday night. Just remember to pace yourself—too much of a good thing can be quite the opposite, ammirite?

#3 Divide & Conquer The Feasting Menu With Your Crew

Besides the bier, the real reason why we’re all here is the food. From Sauerkraut to the best Weinerschnitzel going around, the food at Oktoberfest is as much of a hero here as the brews. The team from the Munich Brauhaus know that food tastes better shared and have given us not one, but three delicious group menus to choose from. Each lets you feast on a haus-made brazen aka an original Bavarian pretzel with cultured butter and mustard, before choosing between the likes of crispy pork knuckle with all the required trimmings of sauerkraut, mashed potato and bier jus, or the crisp chicken schnitzel. There’s also a fresh out of the oven giant apple strudel and the tasting plate of all tasting plates, which includes bratwurst, smoked sausage, and crispy onion rings.  

Oktoberfest at Munich Brauhaus is also making lunchtime 147% more delicious with their Lederhosen Lunch. Weekdays between 11:30am – 3pm have your stomach at the ready for their signature Weinerschnitzel, a 500ml Oktoberfest Bier and a takeaway stein, for all of that obligatory prosting you’ll be doing, all for the bargain price of $25. Ladies, you also get a bonus $5 gift voucher upon entry every Friday because Fraulein Fridays are a thing and we’re excited.

#4 Parents, Uncles & Babysitters (Did We Mention There's A Kids Oktoberfest?)

FYI, Sunday is family day and why should the kids miss out on all the fun of Bavaria? Exactly, they shouldn’t and with this in mind every Sunday at Oktoberfest is Sunday Family Funday. This means even the smallest of humans can look forward to colouring-in, pretzel jewellery making (can we eat these?), face painting and entertainment. One of your little friends under 12 can also eat free with a full paying adult, so it’s wins all round.

#5 Hit The Oktoberfest Jackpot

Nothing says a party like prizes and at this year’s Oktoberfest you could win more than just one pretty awesome prize. For starters get your hands on the Oktoberfest Bier Passport, yes a passport to keep track of every bier you taste that day. Should you work your way through 5 1L steins you’ll receive the aptly named ‘I Survived Oktoberfest 2016’ t-shirt along with the chance to win a trip to the real deal in Munich. We know, you were already excited by just the t-shirt. In case you needed more prizes, who are we kidding of course you did, every 1L Oktoberfest stein purchases has a peel and reveal card. These bad boys contain over $200K worth of instant prizes. Nothing wrong with a little instant gratification when it includes free bier upgrades, free Bavarian hot dogs and even, the stuff of legends, free 1kg Schnitzelmeisters

#6 Sway Your Stein To The Tunes Of The Oom Pah Pah

So you’re eating like a German and drinking like a German, it is now time to sing like a German. Every night of the week, plus Saturday and Sunday lunches, get ready to sway your stein and sing Ein Prosit, that’s ‘I Salute You’, in case you’re not as up on your German as you should be. If not you will be soon because this bad boy of a tune has been known to come on like clockwork every 15 minutes.

#7 It's The Perfect Excuse To Finally Dust Off Your Lederhosen

You know you want to. It’s okay, we do too. If you can’t wear your old Lederhosen that’s been hanging in the back of your closest collecting some serious dust for most of the year, when can you? Rock it guys. Anything goes at Oktoberfest.

#8 Now Revert Back To Point #1 And Start The Fun All Over Again

Because guys, you have the whole of October to go. Prost!

You're excited aren't you? We can tell. To get yourself in on all the Oktoberfest action head here

Image credit: Munich Brauhaus

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