The Best (And Worst) Super Bowl Commercials

By Bianca O'Neill
9th Feb 2016

best superbowl commercials

The Super Bowl was on last night, and yes Beyonce slayed. And yes, some team won, something something sportz. But much, much more importantly, there was the annual airing of the hilarious (and often offensive) Super Bowl commercials! 

Spending millions for the coveted spot in between something something sportz, these brands had one shot at grabbing our attention - and here are our awards for the best of the 2016 pack. Football!

Award for use of the word 'caucas' to make a dick joke

Bud light

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer talk about their plans for a huge caucas.


Award for best use of sausage dogs dressed as hotdogs

Heinz Ketchup

I mean, look at this glorious masterpiece.


Award for best summary of the entire human race in one commercial

Avocados From Mexico

Because emojis, space avocados, and Scott Baio.


Award for all the David Bowie feels

Audi R8

We miss you spaceman... And thankfully, Audi didn't co-opt your track for a totally icky commercial. It's only 10% icky.


Award for best Helen Mirren tell-off

Budweiser #GiveADamn

When she says 'stop it' like that, you'd better believe we're going to stop it. Also, what's a pillock? Pillark? I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT I KNOW I SHOULD BE OFFENDED.


Best depiction of what Kevin Hart would be like as your dad IRL


Firstly, I'm kind of annoyed that these 'protective father' ads are still being made in 2016. But secondly, lol.


Best weird baby ultrasound ad 


I just... I don't know.


Best combination of things that will get interweb hitz in one animal

Mountain Dew

Puppymonkeybaby. PUPPYMONKEYBABY!


Photo credit: YouTube

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