The Best Local, Online Boutiques To Watch This Year

By Phoebe McRae
18th Jan 2017

Sorry Carrie Bradshaw, shopping is no longer our favourite form of cardio. Thanks to the oh-so wonderful World Wide Web, we’re clicking our way through hundreds (make that thousands) of local and international businesses we would otherwise never have heard of. So as much as we hate having to go to spin class once a week instead, online shopping has upped our shopping game big time.

But just because you’re shopping online, doesn’t mean you can’t still support those fantastic niche, local retailers who make our shopping landscape so diverse and unique.

Here’s our list of the best up and coming local online boutiques you need to watch this year. Let’s hear it for the little guy.

For The Festival Lover

Every Australian is pretty much guaranteed to go through the music festival stage. You know, when you go to 10 festivals in one year and only know like three artists. For anyone going through this thrilling time in their life Camp Pineapple is going to make your experience a whole lot better, with all your colourful camping needs (like a cactus pop up tent) and accessories just a click away.

For The Instafamous

It’s a tough life trying to keep those followers happy, but HoMie pretty much guarantees bulk likes. The Melbourne based company creates kick ass street clothing set to take over our screens this summer and donates all profits to the homeless, by way of clothing, training and job opportunities. Help a bro out and enjoy the fame.

For The Tall

Heigh Of Fashion creator Natalie Matthews is 6'3", and always struggled to find good quality clothes (that actually fit). So she came up with one of those why-didn't-we-think-of-this ideas: an online fashion retailer for taller ladies. Full props for the name notwithstanding, the collection at Heigh of Fashion spans everything from elongated dresses to active wear and playsuits. They even do FREE Aussie delivery. Niiiice. 

For The Art Nerd

If you like to get your hands dirty with all things arts and craft, you’re going to love Honey & Co Club’s monthly deliveries—even if they are technically aimed at kids. Get yourself (or a little one) a yearly subscription and enjoy the excitement that comes from receiving mail that’s isn’t a bill (note: if you’re still getting bills in the mail you need to get with the times).

For The Hipster

Anyone who’s a big fan of a full beard is going to be a very big fan of BeeKeeper Parade. Designed for hipsters and hippies alike, their signature bag—the Beekeeper Backpack, is your new best friend (and it’s God damn trendy, too). Made from fabric that would have otherwise been discarded to landfill (meaning you’re basically saving the world with every purchase), every backpack sold sends one child in rural Cambodia to English class for one whole year, so, buy two?

For The Organic Advocate

Anyone who goes gaga for all things organic needs to bookmark Emaze Me, right now. Locally designed for the little ones, these 100% organic kids tees are softer than a baby’s bottom (well, almost).

For The Bohemian

Caravana is one boho brand we can get behind. Known for its buttery leathers, exotic textiles and oversized scarves, all their designs capture the culture and colour of land far and near. They’re also the perfect present for those who know the feeling of wanderlust all too well.

For The Gift Giver

Everyone has that one friend who is notorious for giving insanely thoughtful gifts for no goddamn reason because they’re the ultimate BFF and have this adulting thing nailed. If you are that friend, or want to be that friend, or are the complete opposite of that friend, LVLY is for you. The concept is simple: small, thoughtful gifts (like flowers, plants, and candles) delivered the same day you order. Currently operating in Melbourne only, we strongly suggest you watch this space.

For The Fashionista

Get set to up your style game with the click of your finger thanks to Melbourne based designer Harlow. With their signature monochrome creations, this plus size brand is leading the way in Australia, creating clean, minimalistic pieces that will suit just about anyone.

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Image credit: Caravana

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