The Best Ways to Procrastinate on Your Last Day at Work

By Megan Osborne
23rd Dec 2014

It’s holiday time tomorrow, and the clock is just not ticking fast enough. Super-organised workers that you are, you’re all wrapped up and ready to go (as in wrapped presents, too bad to-do list!), and you’re twiddling your thumbs until that epic 5pm countdown (apologies to everyone who works until 6pm—or later! Your life officially sucks.)

Here are some thoughtful ways to spend your last day at work, achieving the most you possibly can given the circumstances. We’ve given you one idea per hour, for eight hours—just to keep you thoroughly entertained. So go forth, be proactive, and see if you can check all these things off the list! 

9AM - Internet Cats

Start the day off with a thrill and a giggle—or whatever noise you make when you giggle. Who doesn’t love a good cat video? If you’re thinking WTF, then you obviously haven’t spent much time researching the quality feline films on offer. When YouTube doesn’t deliver, there’s always cats of Instagram, which we’ve thoughtfully compiled into a neat little article for you.

10AM - Internet Dogs

You can’t spend an hour looking at cat videos, gifs and grams, without invariably going off tangent and looking at dugongs swimming into walls, racoons stealing things, and of course, dogs. Find the best doge edit possible, watch some vids of overwhelmed and dancing chihuahuas, get jealous of this dog’s awesome pool adventures, and check out our article on Dogs of Instagram

11AM - Fitspo

Yep, it’s coming, the new year! You want to look slamming in that risky ASOS buy, but need to get your butt into gear first? Here’s some #fitspo Instagram accounts to follow, to get you on track and motivated! Here are also some great options for healthy brekkie salads, and superfood smoothies that we love! Feel good for the new year (or at least for the next hour)! 

12PM - Fat Feeds

So you got motivated… briefly. Then you realised, hang on, I still have a FULL WEEK of opportunities before the new year! May as well cram in as many naughty, fatty, greasy and salty foods as possible… right? HECK YEAAHHHH! Here’s our pick of the best fried foods in Melbourne, Melbourne’s best 50 fat feeds, and our list of the best burgers, hot dogs, dumplings and loaded fries going around. The diet can wait a week.

1PM - Humourous Restaurant Names

Aside from serving up some delicious Chinese food, Kum Den also has what we reckon is Melbourne’s funniest restaurant name. Lambs souvlaki bar also ranks pretty high, because of those poor unsuspecting children who haven’t quite made the connection between lamb souva and fluffy little Bo Peep’s flock. Now you’re thinking about lambs...then goats...and before you know it, you’re back on YouTube!

2PM - Online Shopping

You’ve suddenly decided two days before Christmas that by golly gosh you ARE going to be festive this year! Better stock up on some super cool gear, like this.

3PM - Booze Run

You need a break from the computer screen, and you’ve just read our article on the best drinks to go with your Christmas feasting! It’s time for a booze run, Listers! For more ideas on what to stock up on for the festive season, check out some great cocktail recipes here and for the crowd favourite, a great espresso martini recipe!

4PM - Best Bars

You know what, it’s 4pm, you’ve PRACTICALLY made it! Spend a few minutes researching the best bars near you for an early clock off. Or, actually don’t, because we’ve provided them for you right here! Some of our favourite locals include the fellas down at White Oaks on Greville Street in Prahran, serving up some slamming Southern food and grog, and we also love The Noble Experiment in Collingwood for a classy cocktail! Maybe you’re wanting to feel on top of the world now that works over, so here’s some great rooftop bars to check out, and if the rest of the office is down to celebrate with you, here’s our list of the best bars for group drinks. Or, for the most fun you can have with your clothes on, check out The LuWow on Johnston Street. We had our work Christmas party there and things got cray, in a very good way!

Happy Holidays, Listers! You’re FREEEEE!

Image Credit: Shutterstock via LinkedIn

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