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5 Games Worth Your Sweet Time This Month

By Victoria Cotman - 27 Dec 2018

Maybe you need ideas for a stocking-stuffer, maybe you have a long trip coming up, or maybe you just need an excuse not to talk to your family over the holidays, either way, we’ve got the good stuff for you. From fantastical platformer Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, to addictive challenger Sevn, and the ever-engrossing action-adventure Just Cause 4, there is a game for everyone to round out the year. 

Here are all the games to binge this December.

PlayStation 4 | Xbox One | PC

Just Cause 4

Grab your rifle and put on your best South American accent, because Just Cause is back, and this time the cause is even just-er. Main dude, Rico Rodriguez, has discovered his late father built a weapon for the world’s most powerful private army, The Black Hand, and now he has to stop them using it. The mercenary group claims the project will end natural disasters the world over, but we don’t believe that, do we? Admire the pretty, pretty graphics while you grapple, glide, and gun your way to the head honcho before it’s too late. Third-person action-adventure game Just Cause 4 is out now.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a platformer, à la 1980s side-scrolling games, casting you into a magical world where you play a boy called Jin. Jin gains the power to transform into six different animals as you progress through the stages of the game, making your chances of success all the greater. Solve puzzles and battle bad guys to ultimately stop Jin’s evil Uncle Nabu from wreaking havoc on the kingdom. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is out now. Note: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is also available for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By now, we all know the name of the game with Super Smash Bros. and Ultimate is no different; pick your fighter and battle your opponent until they are knocked out of the arena. *hero music plays* Your mission is to free spirits that have been trapped in “puppet fighters” by evil Galeem, the lord of light. Defeat the puppet fighter and you’ll free the spirit. But, there are tricks with these fighters; they wear the faces of your friends (like Mario) and occasionally they might do something radical, like turn to metal, just to foil your attack. Super Smash Bros. is a much-loved favourite for a reason, and it’s available right now.


7 Billion Humans

7 Billion Humans, the sequel to Human Resource Machine, challenges you to create jobs for all the inhabitants of Earth, now that machines have taken over the world and everything we’d normally do. It’s a puzzle game, but oh so much more interesting than that. Really, it’s a coding game; you tell your little humans what to do by dragging and dropping “data cubes” of the in-game programming language to create a cohesive set of instructions. For those unfamiliar, that’s basically all coding is, and 7 Billion Humans is a tiny, ingenious way to get into it. Already released for Linux, macOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch earlier in the year, the puzzler launched for mobile just this month. 7 Billion Humans is out now for iOS.


Total addiction warning. Sevn is a beautiful, meditative, turn-based game invoking the mystical powers of the number seven. Seven towers of seven colours are presented before you; it is your challenge to beat your opponent by either drawing the majority number of colours over to your side (ie, 4 beats 3), or collecting all seven towers of a single colour. Watch out, much like the bane of our collective childhood, Connect 4, if you’re too busy watching one strategy, you may not see the other coming. Sevn is available on iOS.

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