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The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

By James Shackell
1st Jun 2018

Been spending your week ogling the new hunk on Neighbours? His name’s Cassius. Like seriously, what even is that show anymore. Sorry, we’re getting distracted. It was another cracking week in Melbourne. Some bloke reckoned the Mercury cleared 12-degrees (probs a lie), Maccas decided to auction off its Big Mac sauce, a puppy tram took over the CBD and we ate our first Butter Chicken Burger. Life goals, right?

Here’s all the news you missed in Melbourne this week.

  • Health nuts, write this one down. Cornerstone in Northcote just started running low-cal tapas nights. You can check ‘em out on Fridays and Saturdays after dark.
  • Mates rates and cheese plates. You can get them both at XM4 on Friday nights. We’re talking free cheese boards and drinks specials, people.
  • The designs for Melbourne’s new stations just came out. Our city’s in for a serious shake-up...
  • Babu Ji in St Kilda are gonna run all-you-can-eat vegan Tuesday nights for $25. They’re kicking off on 19 June.
  • Bar Americano in the CBD is bringing back Bar Exuberante’s famous House Daiquiri (think secret blends of white rums, lime and gum syrup). You can only get it from 4 – 10 June.
  • We checked out an epic backstreet specialty coffee store in Oakleigh.
  • A puppy tram temporarily sent the CBD into cuteness-lockdown.
  • Maccas launched a crazy eBay auction for 500ml bottles of Big Mac Sauce (and it comes with its own burger fridge...) Up to $3000 and counting...
  • We discovered there’s an Indian Burger fusion bar in Elsternwick...and it’s actually delicious.
  • Arbory at Flinders St just launched their epic Winter Roast series. First up? Pork and wine for a cool $25. Serving right now, lunch and dins.
  • Daniel’s Doughnuts just released their weirdest creation yet—the Durian Doughnut. Consume at own risk.
  • The Westin Hotel announced they’re gonna start running ‘High Cheeses’. That’s a cheese-themed High Tea, in case you were wondering.

Image credit: Michelle Jarni

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