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By James Shackell - 09 Jun 2017


Melbourne, you big beautiful thing. You spoiled us this week. If it wasn’t crazy shit like ‘Bakluffins’ and Reuben pies, it was racing sausage dogs across a patch of grass in Port Fairy. If your finger has slipped off the city’s pulse this week, you need The Feed: our curated wrap-up of everything worth eating, seeing, doing and snapping in Melbourne this week.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Want to know who’s doing the best pizza in town? Suren Perera from The Posty in Richmond just took out the 2017 Dairymount Australian Pizza Championships. Rolling in the dough.
  • We discovered there’s such a thing as an Oreo and Nutella-stuff ‘Bakluffin’ (a baklava muffin). Here’s where to get it.
  • Jeremy, the genius behind Murray’s Food Store, unveiled his newest franken-food creation: a Reuben pie. God moves in mysterious (and delicious) ways.
  • With Melbourne’s weather resembling something that would terrify a seasoned Antarctic explorer, we thought it was time for a new winter recipe: banana and peanut butter porridge.
  • Our favourite food truck park, Welcome to Thornbury, announced a double denim food festival this weekend. The fashions may be questionable, but the food is not.
  • In a move that some have described as ‘peak Port Fairy’, the little town is throwing a sausage dog race on Sunday. Yep, really.
  • We checked out two new deep-fried beauties: Fat Jaks in St Kilda and Sonny’s Fried Chicken in Carlton. Hold on to your napkins...
  • Heard of rain drop cakes? You have now. Looks like a jellyfish, tastes like a rain drop. Or is that the other way around...
  • We took a peak inside Ivy Muse, a plant emporium so beautiful it will inspire you to turn your Southbank shoebox into a semi-tropical rainforest. Legit.
  • If botanicals are your thing, pop this in the diary: Saturday is World Gin Day! We rounded up all the G&Ts worth quaffing, and all the goodies Melbourne has in store.  
  • Because it’s Melbourne, there’s also a Game of Thrones-themed wine festival on this weekend: Game of Rhones. GET IT? Because thrones sound a lot like Rhones...just go and get pissed.
  • Don’t say we’re not good to you guys, because we just served up Melbourne’s first Nutella fries on a plate. How do we all feel about this? Excited? Concerned? Queasy?

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Image credit: Griffin Simm

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