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The Jameson Jeroboam Jamboree Hits The Beaufort

By Clare Acheson
18th Feb 2015

Fakerjacks! Lumbersexuals! Regular people who also happen to be lovers of all things smoked, pickled, hand-crafted and/or steeped in whiskey! Boy-oh-boy, do we have an event for you. My woodwork-weary hands are literally shaking as they tap on the shiny keys of my laptop because I cannot wait to tell you about the Jameson Jeroboam Jamboree—a day-festival of all things whiskey, pickle and woodsman survival-related—which is happening in Melbourne next month.

‘Tell us more!’ I can hear you calling as you pause sharpening your pocketknife blade to read on. 'Well, okay then,’ my pickle-juice stained hands reply.

The Jameson Jeroboam Jamboree is a one day event celebrating everything the Irish and Americans have brought to our shores that’s worth raising a glass to: Jameson whiskey, McClure’s Pickles, and southern-style smoked ribs, courtesy of Ike’s Rack Shack. There will be local adventure experts on hand to teach you some survival tactics for whittling your way out of any woodsman situation, and whiskey tastings that showcase the best of Jameson’s firewater (that’s a harrowing word for whiskey courtesy of my mother—if you’re reading this, Mum, I swear I still don’t drink the stuff…).

Always up for a bracing challenge? Of course you are, fellow adventurer! But have you got what it takes to become a pickle-eating champion? Throughout the day there will be the chance to take part in the first ever Australian leg of McClure’s Pickle Eating Competition, all the way from Brooklyn! Unscrew those jars, loosen up those jaws and get a-chewin’.

We’ve also heard rumour that there’s going to be a pickle-back ice luge for those brave/stupid enough to spend their Sunday afternoon slurping whiskey and pickle juice off a giant block of ice. Adventure-skills-man, we might need you on hand to recommend a tactic for surviving this one…

The whole shindig goes down at The Beaufort, Carlton, on Sunday 1st March, so whip out your artisanal pig-leather-bound diary (or your phone, we won’t judge) and score a giant cross through anything else you’ve got going on that day. Now draw a pickle, a barrel and an axe. Sorted.

Jameson Jeroboam Jamboree | The Beaufort, Carlton
3pm – late | Sunday 1st March

Image credit: Instagram via @asphotonyc

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