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By Clare Acheson
24th Jun 2015

Each month, one member of The Urban List team shares their current obsessions, giving you Listers a little insight into what makes our brains tick.

This month, The Urban List Melbourne’s Communications Executive and authority on all things booze and burgers, Clare Acheson delves into her lust-list for ten things that are knocking her socks off.

St. Jerome’s — The Hotel

Alright, so glamping might be up there with ‘moist’ in my list of most gross-out words in the English language, but St. Jerome’s — The Hotel, Melbourne’s latest CBD rooftop hotel camping phenomenon, is a truly incredible experience. The tents are toasty-warm, the beds are luxurious, the beers are ace (thanks, Temple Brewing Co!) and they’ll even deliver you pizza to your tent door. If I could live here, I would.

Single Malt Marmalade by Nant Distillery

Nothing beats starting the day with a slice of sweet, syrupy booze on toast. Nant’s Single Malt Marmalade is seriously next-level—perfect on brioche and paired with a long black, spread on a sharp cheddar in lieu of chutney, or simply eaten with a spoon by fridge-light while sitting on the kitchen floor (guilty as charged). Possibly the best foodie discovery I’ve made in the last year, except for…

Nori Tacos at Mr Miyagi

Wooooahmygod somebody fused a taco with a grilled salmon handroll and the results are INCREDIBLE. A feat of culinary brilliance, the fried nori hard taco shell is stuffed full to bursting with sushi rice, salmon belly, Japanese sprouts and cabbage, and a healthy slathering of mayo and chilli oil. If you’re in Melbourne and you haven’t tried this delight from Windsor’s coolest Japanese fusion restaurant, Mr Miyagi, you’d better get there sharpish. Hell, even if you’re not in Melbourne, this is worth booking a trip for. 10/10 would eat again, everyday, for the rest of my life.

Kip & Co’s Tarzan Quilted Bedspread

Jokes about being an animal in the bedroom aside, Kip & Co’s jungle-inspired Tarzan bedspread is divine, and is exactly what I want to be wrapped up in 24/7 until the thermometer creeps back up to high teens. Pair it with the banana print pyjamas and you’re in for a roar-ing good nap time.

Everything Russell Brand

Love him or hate him—I’m still undecided—you can’t deny that British comedian Russell Brand is one of the most fascinating public figures of our generation. After glancing through his latest book, ‘Revolution’, in which he takes a stab at politics rather than the funny stuff, I’ve finally succumbed and bought a ticket to his up-coming Trew World Order tour. Roll on October!

Tights & Socks in awesome patterns by OK OK

Keeping warm and stylish is hard, folks, especially if you live in Melbourne, where it’s, like, -3584˚ most mornings. Luckily, awesome fashion label OK OK make some epic merino tights and socks, perfect for the colder months. If you’re not living in Siberian temperatures, their grid tights are a super-stylish choice, and they also do some stylish socks for dudes too. My favourite go-to for an end of week I-don’t-really-need-this-but-I’m-buying-it-anyway treat.

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin by Four Pillars Distillery

Fresh from its win at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Awards, the barrel aged gin from Warrandyte gin distillery Four Pillars is definitely something you should have in your liquor cabinet—perfect for mixing, sipping alone on ice, or making the perfect gin-based hot toddy.

Oscar Key Sung’s Altruism

If there’s one Australian artist who needs to be on your radar right now, it’s Melbourne boy done good Oscar Key Sung. His latest album ‘Altruism’ is equal parts old-school R’n’B and slick contemporary production, making for a corker. Hey, a girl’s gotta have her slow jams, right? 

The Mortified Podcast by Radiotopia

Did you ever keep a journal as a teenager? Draft your own melodrama? Write an unsent fan letter? If the answer is ‘OMGyeshowembarrassing’, then you’ll LOVE Mortified, a podcast series that features adults reading cringe-worthy memoirs from their early years. Shout out to this dude especially, who rewrote Jurassic Park as a frat-comedy with an extra hit of dino-human sexual tension.

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