Got Fitness Fatigue? We’ve Found a Workout That’s Actually Fun!

By Iro Kotsimbos
4th Mar 2015

If you're anything like us, Listers, you're probably tired of the same old training techniques, bored with repetitive gym sessions, and snoring your way through your morning jog along the same old well-trodden route. We hear you loud and clear! 

So when we heard about Xtreme Pilates X (or XPX as it’s commonly referred to), and the innovative pilates, elliptical and cross trainer classes that they offer in their nightclub-esque studio, we were intrigued and just a little bit excited. Could this Melbourne pilates studio possibly be the answer for those of us suffering from fitness fatigue?!

Based on Station Street in Fairfield, Xtreme Pilates X is not your average Melbourne pilates studio, and a revelation for those who find run of the mill pilates boring. Inspired by the fun, fast-paced workout trends from the US, XPX live by the motto ‘Less Time, More Intensity, Greater Results’ with the focus being on high performance, low impact and high intensity pilates classes delivered in minimal time—25 minutes to be precise!

All of the short, sharp and intensely focused workouts at Xtreme Pilates X have been designed in-house by the expert trainers, targeting a range of areas from upper body to abs, butts and legs. Combining pilates on reformer beds, the Upper Define is killer if you’re looking to tone, condition and strengthen your upper body (Michelle Obama guns? Yes please!), while the Lower Shred delivers on its name—high intensity cardio that’ll blitz your booty and define your legs. Can’t decide between the two? XPX Pilates Combo, a mix of both classes, or the Full Body Express have your name written all over them.

Perhaps a cross trainer is more your cup of tea? If so, get ready to become as obsessed as we are with Stand and Deliver—25 minutes of INTENSE cardio but holy moly, the results that we saw after a few sessions were totally worth it. Legs and buns of steel, Listers! Tread and Shred, HardCore and Triple Threat are similarly intense, and will also help to increase your cardio endurance, burn fat, and deliver a bangin’ body in next to no time!

It’s not just the classes, though, that are unique at XPX—stepping into the new Melbourne pilates studio feels like you’re stepping into a Tron-themed nightclub, complete with cool lighting and pumping music to energise you and keep you focused. Forget feeling sluggish and totally unenthused about your workout, this killer pilates studio will completely change that!

Whether you’re an exercise fiend or an exercise avoider, Xtreme Pilates X will change everything you’ve ever thought about working out. From the high intensity and high performance classes, to the expert trainers and awesome club-like setting, XPX is truly one of Melbourne’s best pilates studios for those who want an out of this world workout. Book online and prepare to become addicted!

Exclusive TUL Reader Offer!

The fine folk at Xtreme Pilates X are ready and waiting to help you tread and shred your way to a killer bod; so much so, they’re offering all TUL readers 10% off all XPX Session Packs until Sunday 3rd May 2015! Simply enter the promo code XPXTUL at the check out. Sweet!

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Image Credits: Nick West for The Urban List

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