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The Must-Try Skin Treatment We’re Obsessed With Right Now

By Iro Kotsimbos
8th Apr 2015

In our search for perfect skin, we’ve visited some of the best beauty salons in town trialling a variety of high-tech, innovative and, let’s be honest, fancy pants skin treatments. Hey, we’ll do anything to cross off all the ‘musts’ on our beauty wishlist…

Well, Listers, take note because we’ve found one heck of a skin saviour that we know you’ll soon become obsessed with. A Melbourne facial treatment that ticks the luminous, even skintone and smooth-as-a-baby’s-bum boxes in the one go, is easily customisable AND has next-to-no downtime afterwards!

Say hello to microhydrabrasion at Claire Francoise.

A discreet and luxurious beauty and skin clinic located in Prahran, Claire Francoise offers everything from targeted skin treatments and some of the best facials in Melbourne, to cosmeceutical skincare and body products. But we digress; it’s the microhydrabrasion at Claire Francoise that has everybody talking.

A step up from our beloved microdermabrasion, microhydrabrasion is the Melbourne facial treatment you need to try this season. A word of warning though…you WILL become addicted!

Microdermabrasion vs Microhydrabrasion: What’s The Difference?

We know what you’re thinking; ‘MicroHYDRAbrasion…say whaaaaat?!’

Designed to give your skin a deep and thorough clean, plus a super boost of hydration, microhydrabrasion, quite frankly, leaves microdermabrasion in its wake. We thought we loved the latter treatment but once we tried its souped-up sister, we were well and truly hooked.

Microhydrabrasion at Claire Francoise starts off with a good ol’ double cleanse and prepping solution, before the dry microdermabrasion. This process involves using a fancy tool called a ‘diamond head’ to gently exfoliate the skin and kick any dry skin cells to the curb. The dry microdermabrasion also helps to unblock the pores, ensuring that dirt and grime is sent packing.

This is where microhydrabrasion takes it up a notch…

Usually, your treatment would wrap up after the dry exfoliation and you’d be sent on your merry way. Oh no, not with microhydrabrasion! The second part of this super skin treatment has your pores flushed with water, which not only gives you a clean like no other, but also a super boost of hydration. It’s a funny sensation—almost as if someone is slowly tipping water on your face. It’s addictive though…we loved the light, fresh feeling.

Once step two is complete, your dermal therapist will apply a serum chosen specifically to tend to your skin concerns, followed by moisturiser, eye cream and the all-important sunscreen. The result? Smooth, even, glow-tastic skin that’ll have people asking ‘What HAVE you been doing?’

Oh yes, Listers, when it comes to Melbourne’s best facial treatments, microhydrabrasion is one that you have to try.

Claire Francoise’s Top Skincare Tips

- Don’t even think about leaving the house without sunscreen. Daily sun protection is non-negotiable! 

- Maintain a good skincare routine at home using good quality products. It doesn’t have to involve 471 different things; at the very least you can get away with a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and exfoliator.

- You are what you eat! Good nutrition is the perfect compliment to regular facials and quality skincare, rounding out the recipe to perfect skin.

Keen to try one of Melbourne’s best facials? Find out more about Claire Francoise right here.

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