The New Fusion Brunch We’re Loving

By Clare Acheson
6th May 2015

Listers, it may shock you and rock you, but we’ve recently discovered there’s more to brunch than avo on toast, and it can be found on the amazing Sri Lankan fusion menu at Fitzroy cafe, Pavlov’s Duck! That’s right—one of our favourite Melbourne cafes for healthy breakfast and lunch options, Pavlov’s Duck, is serving up a cracking menu that’s making us rethink how we do brunch in Melbourne. I know what you’re thinking…Sri Lankan brunch?! Let me elaborate…

An under-the-radar Fitzroy gem, Pavlov’s Duck is a true original, serving up some of the most delicious meals we’ve had on the northside. The cafe’s unique twist on fresh local ingredients involves the addition of Sri Lankan flavours and spices, creating a menu that’s different AND delicious.

Tired of bland poached eggs and rock-hard sourdough? You’ll love this place. At Pavlov’s Duck, you’ll find tasty fish and potato fritters, quinoa falafel (served with a deliciously sweet corn cream), and even a brunch lentil dahl that’s served with coconut roti!

The fish and potato fritters are perfectly light yet full of flavour, with the Sri Lankan side salad of tomato, onion, coconut and parsley (soon to be replaced with authentic traditional herbs, or "Gotukola", that are currently seedlings in the cafe’s street-side planter boxes) adding a really great chilli and citrus infused kick.

If you’re not feeling like an entire meal, their raw treats and baked goods should put some pep in your step. We’d recommend the raw cheesecakes—so good with a hot drink on a cold day, and perfect on a warm one with a juice as the sun streams through Pavlov’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Pavlov’s Duck is also upping its hawker food game, with the inclusion of traditional Sri Lankan hoppers—that’s crepes made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk for those who need some cultural assistance— currently on the menu. The cafe will soon be trading into the evenings, when visitors can enjoy Sri Lankan street food such as "Kotthu", a roti bread stir-fry-style dish, along with a glass of beer or wine.  

When it comes to crowning the best brunch in Melbourne, we’re always hard pushed to pick a favourite—who can really choose between a brioche French toast and a wholesome bircher, a juicy bacon sarnie and a fresh fruit salad? But as for a brunch in Melbourne that’s doing something different, Pavlov’s Duck, we salute you. 

Pavlov's Duck | Fitzroy

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Image Credits: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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