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The Secret Truffle Soiree

By Ellen Seah
23rd May 2015

If you’re anything like myself, the word truffle evokes a confusing mix of emotions. There’s happiness, because the times you’ve had a dish with truffles, it was probably so gobsmacking delicious you know what you’d buy first if you won TattsLotto. But there’s also instantaneous frustration/depression since you HAVEN’T won TattsLotto, and unless you decide electricity and water aren’t essential for a month you probably can’t afford them. 

So when we heard Lime & Tonic, in collaboration with Danny Pasta, were offering a four-course meal, featuring heavenly truffles for a more than reasonable $149 per head this June…to say we were interested is the understatement of the year. Listers, you’ll be pleased to know the menu was created by Daniel Tonin (aka Danny Pasta), and the desserts were spearheaded by Pierrick Boyer (Le Petit Gateau), so the truffles are in very trustworthy hands. The price includes wines to match every dish. 

This exclusive, luxury truffle dinner in Melbourne will be held on a secret rooftop location that will be released 24 hours before guests arrive. Perhaps this is to protect their precious cargo. Smart thinking by them, if so. 

Either way, what a perfect event to celebrate the start of truffle season! Beautiful food, beautiful wine and a little anticipation thrown into the mix, just to keep it interesting. 

The Secret Truffle Soiree | Saturday 27th June
Location Unknown (it's a secret!)
$149 pp | Book here 

Image Credit: Lime & Tonic

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