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We Just Learned The Location Of Melbourne’s New Harry Potter Store

By James Shackell
26th Jul 2018

So someone (*cough* Pettigrew *cough*) may have told the Dark Lord about the location of Melbourne’s new Harry Potter Store, the Store Of Requirement. And he just texted us the address.

Ready, muggles? Here we go:

Melbourne’s new wizarding emporium is officially opening next Tuesday 31 July at...6 Smith St Collingwood!

That’s right down the Victoria Parade end, if you’re not good with Google Maps. Nextdoor to the Maccas (what a magical combo that is...)

Aspiring witches and wizards are invited to visit the new store by broomstick, Floo Powder or beaten-up Toyota Corolla from Tuesday 31 July (doors open at 12pm).

Be warned though, there’s probs gonna be a massive scrimmage outside. Might be worth giving it a few weeks and waiting till the froth has died down.

If you missed our original article, this is the second Store of Requirement to open in Australia. The first one dropped in Brisbane last year. It’ll stock potions, Harry Potter memorabilia, wizards chess sets, wands, robes and everything else you could possibly want.

Expecto queues.

The Details

Where: 6 Smith St, Collingwood
When: Open from12pm, Tuesday 31 July
For more info, click here.

You can read more about Melbourne's new wizarding store over here

Image credit: Helena La Petite

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