The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

By Ellen Seah
4th Apr 2016

autumn bucket list

As Mother Nature does her quarterly seasonal dance, autumn brings a new set of activities to fill your weekends (or days). Don’t spend three months aimlessly crushing leaves—here is the ultimate autumn bucket list.  

#1 Plant your own apple tree. You’ll soon have as many pink ladies as you like.

#2 Speaking of fruit, raspberries are also looking juicy and sinfully red. Make a day trip down to Deans Marsh’s Gentle Annie berry garden where you can pay for fruit by weight. Better bring that second credit card.  

#3 Once your team’s grand final dreams are slashed, watching the footy just isn’t worth the winter winds. Head to Etihad Stadium this autumn, while everything is still promising.

#4 Or if you’re more of a dinosaur person, get your butt to the animatronic exhibition of Jurassic World at Melbourne Museum

#5 Reacquaint yourself with your favourite trusty brolly (although let’s be honest, it never got put away).

#6 Make the pumpkin everything. Don't order a pumpkin spiced latte.

#7 In order to make the pumpkin everything, hit up Melbourne’s best farmers markets.

#8 Get some last minute tickets to your fav show at International Comedy Festival.

#9 Adopt a puppy. Because autumn is the superior season for adoption.

#10 Let said puppy play in autumn leaves. Let it warm your deadened soul.

#11 Wake up at the crack of dawn and drive down to the Mornington Peninsula to watch the sunrise.

#12 Go camping. Enjoy the red-ness of everything. 

#13 Go to the Melbourne Hula Hooping class for adults. I have no words. 

#14 Autumn is the perfect season for high tea! Not too hot, not too cold, but just right for eating your weight in cakes. We’ve even put this list together on where to have high tea in Melbourne for your convenience.

#15 Buy a cactus. They prefer conditions between 10-30 degrees Celsius, in a dry, mild climate. You’re welcome.

#16 Crack out the slow cooker for lazy weekend meals.

#17 To go with your slow cooked meals, visit the Melbourne beer and cider festival. Featuring 400 beers from 150 breweries in one place, this should at least get you started. 

#18 Get serious about April Fools and start compiling a spread sheet detailing your close friends’ every movement of the day.

#19 Use this information to plan the most chaotic, synchronised April Fools ever.

#20 Go on a winery tour. Autumn is one of the best seasons for walking and bringing bottles of red home.

#21 Host an adult-friendly treasure hunt. Hide chocolate in the most difficult places—none of this easy-to-find nonsense. Force your guests to continue to search until they’ve found every last item.

#22 Put on an emoji onesie for the weekend. Then make it your official uniform for the week.

#23 Visit your favourite bakery in said onesie. Buy a six-pack of cupcakes for every year you’ve regretted not eating more cupcakes. Go home and Netflix and chill.

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