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The World’s Biggest Pizza Festival Is Coming To Melbourne!

By Ellen Seah
2nd Mar 2016

melbourne pizza festival

In what could be the pinnacle of good ideas, Melbourne is getting its very own AVPN Pizza Festival as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival! Traditionally held in the pizza-spawning town of Naples, the AVPN Pizza Festival at Crown has been crowned the world’s largest celebration of pizza—and it’s nice to hear they’re coming to Melbourne prepared.

Travelling all the way from the southern coast of Italy, crust-loving Melburnians can learn the art of traditional Neapolitan pizza-making and taste test pizza from the best restaurants in the world at this four day event. Some of Australia’s best dough-spinning chefs will also be inducted into the VPN (aka the top-dog international pizza organisation) during the celebrations. We’d recommend placing some sneaky pizza delivery orders afterwards, to double check their worthiness of course. #research

If you thought we’d forgotten the tomato-making, mozzarella sprinkling skills of 400 Gradi, you’d be mistaken. We’re like elephants—constantly eating margarita pizzas and never forgetting. Owner of 400 Gradi, Johnny Di Francesco, will be firing up his wood fired ovens with some of the best pizzialoi (peeps who makes pizza in a pizzeria) in the world.

The AVPN Pizza Festival will run from 4-6 March along the Riverwalk, Southbank. That’s four days to get as many large pizzas in your stomach without getting a serious case of cheese-sickness. We believe in you!

The AVPN Pizza Festival at Crown will run from 12pm-9pm, from 4-6 March at the Riverwalk. 

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