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Three’s a Trend: Blue Food

By Aimee Bricker
5th Aug 2016

blue foods

Blue foods have a certain amount of nostalgia to them, and they’ve recently made a resurgence outside of the bag of chocolates. We’ve had a hunt through the wild streets of Melbourne’s food scene to find 3 of the best blue food related things we could find.  

#1: The Latte

Standing apart from its coloured brothers, the Matcha, Tumeric and Beetroot Latte is the popular Blue Algae Latte. Available at Matcha Mylkbar, the blue colour of this latte comes from a teaspoon of E3 live blue algae powder.  Yes, we never thought we’d say the words algae and popular latte in the same paragraph, but there you go. The algae powder is mixed with lemon, ginger, agave and coconut milk. Don’t expect it to taste like the blue bubble-gum ice cream you had as a kid.  The owner of Matcha Mylkbar says this latte has a ‘sweet and sour taste that’s different for everyone’. The algae powder is supposed to support the immune, nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system.  Sounds like a pretty damn powerful drink to us! Although technically not a ‘food’ this latte well and truly deserves a spot on the list.

#2: The Soft Serve

Aqua S, as well as being synonymous with great soft serve, is also synonymous with blue foods because well, their original soft serve is blue.  The sea salt soft serve swept across Sydney, leaving a trail of happy customers in their wake, and they’ve recently opened up in Melbourne. Pair the original with one of their additional flavours (they change fortnightly), top it off with some fairy floss or roasted marshmallows and you’ve got a soft serve that’s a million times better than anything you’ve tried before. Hold up your soft serve against their wall of clouds (legit, their walls are painted with clouds) and you’ve basically got an Instagram made in heaven.

#3: The Freakshake

In case Freakshakes weren’t amazing enough as is, Essendon haunt Johnny Pump have stepped up the game.  One of their menu classics is their Blue Heaven freakshake. This blue delight features a generous serve of Blue Heaven Sauce, milk, whipped cream and all topped with a tangy lemon tart. We’re not entirely sure what’s in the Blue Heaven sauce, but it’s got heaven in its name and tastes delicious- we’ll just take it and roll with it. Also, it’s topped with a dessert (not a blue dessert, but we’ll let that slide) so you really can’t go wrong with this one. Pair it with one of their loaded burgers and you’re set for your calorie count for a week. It’ll be worth it, we promise. The freakshake on its own could basically be a meal, so it definitely counts as a blue food! 


Image credit: Matcha Mylkbar via Facebook

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