Three’s A Trend | Colourful Burgers

By Ellen Seah
19th Apr 2016


Melbourne has officially reached burger saturation. There are so many cheese-y, burger-lious options that we’ve even started creating bread buns out of things that probably aren’t supposed to be there. Burger (and bread) purists – look away. Here are the best colourful burgers in Melbourne to up your Insta game!

#1 Green: The Matcha Bun

This intriguing emerald-coloured bun sort of looks like the Hulk teamed up with Shrek in the kitchen. Needless to say, it’s pretty green. Served with soy chicken, mushroom bacon, avocado, beetroot kraut, matcha bun, cashew sour cream and sweet potato fries, you can pick up your very own futuristic matcha bun at Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda. At least you won’t lose crumbs in the car.

#2 Pink: The Beetroot Bun

We might be biased here at The Urban List, but we think pink beetroot burgers can #runtheworld. YOMG’s Vegapalooza is a vegetable fritter, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato, onion fries, ketchup and jalapeno mayo sandwiched between a Barbie-coloured burger. Now all we need is Ken... Running until next week only, YOMG will also be serving up The Red Devil with double beef, double cheese, bacon, jalapeños, onion fries and chipotle cayenne mayo on a beetroot bun. Beetroot burger buns are also available at Il Fornaio in St Kilda and Balaclava’s Ziggy’s Eatery.

#3 Black: The Charcoal/Squid Ink Bun

Melbourne is in love with Kettle Black’s Cape Grim Beef burger—black bun or none. Served with house-made mustard, seasonal fruit relish and leaves in between a burger bun that looks like it has been run through charcoal, this burger is worth the weekend queues. Thaiger’s burger is also as untraditional as its dark bun with crispy softshell crab, granny smith Asian slaw, caramelised onion, capsicum, lettuce, and Thaiger’s mayo and tangy dressing. The appropriately named Midnight Burger at Temple Brewing Company also features a charcoal brioche bun 'cause, why not?

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Image credit: YOMG, supplied.

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