Three’s A Trend | Dessert Burgers

By Ellen Seah
20th Mar 2016


If there was a trophy for inventing the most creative, diabetes-inducing meals in the world, we have no doubt—absolutely none—that Melbourne would win. We’re already drooling at the latest innovation in Melbourne’s food scene: dessert burgers. This magnificently freaky hybrid trend is a thing, so this weekend, jump on the bandwagon at one of these top spots.

Cafe 51

South Melbourne

If soggy burger buns can ruin a meal, surely the addition of a toasty waffle is nothing less than a stroke of genius. Cafe 51 has two waffley burgers on their permanent menu, including the Death by Chocolate. Featuring a beef patty, American cheddar, bacon, Nutella, popping candy and XXX BBQ sauce all on a toasted waffle, it’s like an American burger chain and a waffle factory had a confused (and slightly awkward looking) baby. Logically, there’s nothing not to like on this plate. Waffle? Good. Cheddar? Goood. Nutella? Goooooood.

Muharam Cafe


Use all of your willpower to resist Muharam Cafe's red velvet pancakes, towering Nutella shakes (donut OFC included) and enormous smoothie bowls (their bowl size calls for a redefinition of tubs) and try the fortnightly dessert donut special. The limited edition of the moment is a mini biroche bun filled with Mars bar, cookies, ice cream, homemade chocmel sauce and a sprinkle of popping candy. Snickers and Tim Tims are promised to be highly involved in Muharam’s upcoming dessert special. Do (nut) go nuts.

Meatball & Wine Bar

CBD, Richmond, Collingwood

The old-school dessert burger that hasn’t lost its appeal through decades—and one you must leave room in your second stomach for—is Meatball & Wine Bar’s Whoopie Mac. It’s a mix ‘n match deal at their three Italian outlets, leaving you (wisely) as the master of your ice-cream creation. Start with a thick, chewy ginger, chocolate, coconut oatmeal or pistachio meringue cookie. Then choose from an oversized scoop of homemade chocolate and hazelnut, fig and almond, double cream vanilla or salted caramel ice cream to create this pleasingly disproportionate  dessert. 

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Image credit: Muharam Cafe via Instagram

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