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The Top 10 Stories Of 2014 (So far…)

By Jessica Hackett
30th Jun 2014

The end of June, and thus the first half of 2014, is the perfect time of year to take stock, reflect, and ponder how your year is tracking.

Some may see it as an occasion to inspect their finances, get their tax return forms in order, start making plans and bookings for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, and cry despondently into a pint of ice cream with cookie dough bewildered at how another year can flash so ridiculously rapidly before our eyes!  

But not us! We Urban Listers see it as an opportunity to ask the truly important question in life:

  1. Where have we eaten so far this year that blew our minds?
  2. What have we eaten that set our saliva on its salivary way?
  3. Where do we still need to eat this year?
  4. What are we desperately wanting to eat, that we haven't yet tried?

If you're on the same page as us, and have your life priorities in order too, we're here to help with a wrap up of the top 10 stories from 2014 so far.


Not too cold off the press, Melbourne's Best Dumplings was an instant crowd favourite. Not surprising, as dumplings are just about the best thing ever (besides maybe peanut butter ice cream).


All things gluten-free, Paleo and Superfood related have taken the Melbourne foodie scene by storm in 2014, so there was uproar of cheers and thanks when we published an article listing the Top 10 Allergy Friendly Cafes in Melbourne.


There aren't many things that Melburnians love more than heading out and getting boozed, then soaking up the toxic fumes with carbs, meat and creamy garlic sauce. So what do you get when you combine all of this together? Souvlaki of course! Although our list of Melbourne's Best Souvlaki stirred a LOT of controversy (keep your eyes open for round 2!), it still got a LOT of love from the people of Melbourne. 


There isn't a celebrity chef that the people love more than Manu Fieldel (we're thinking it's the French accent that secures his place at the top!), so Melbourne went bonkers when he opened his newest restaurant, Le Grand Cirque, in South Yarra. Our story covering the opening went off like a frog in a sock. Read it here, ya'll.


Let's be honest, there's nothing more satisfying than living on a shoestring, and saving your dollies for the important things in life (shoes and clothes, obvy). Melbourne being the magical gem of wonders it is can certainly cater to the frugal among us that still want to have a damn good time! Our story on The Top 50 Things To Do In Melbourne Under $50 was an absolute cracker, if we do say so ourselves!


Who doesn't love a meal that is acceptable to eat for breakfast, lunch OR dinner. And no, we're not talking about a trusty can of Heinz baked beans, we're talking about the heaven that is Yum Cha. Mounds upon mounds of dumplings, buns and other such morsels of joy; all delivered to you on a nifty wheelie trolley…doesn't get much better than that! Get involved and find the best around town, with our story on the Best Yum Cha in Melbourne.


So you think you've had a pretty good year so far, and have achieved 50% of what you set out to, and are on track for a super productive 2014? Well, you'll find refutation or affirmation here! We published a story at the start of the year on Melbourne's Best New Restaurants & Bars for 2014; how many have you ticked off?


If there's anything that Melburnians love more than peanut butter and ice cream, it's going out for breakfast/brunch. So we had no problem WHATSOEVER doing our research well and proper for this one. Without further ado, number 3 on the countdown – 10 of Melbourne's Best Breakfasts 


We're not sure if it was the element of nostalgia, or the fact that putting ice cream in anything makes it spectacular, but Melbourne went bonkers when we told you where to find the Best Milkshakes in Melbourne, a clear claim of the silver medal.


There is almost no introduction required for this beast – The 50 Best Meals You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Melbourne. Boom. You better hop to it if you're going to have them all ticked off before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December.

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