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Our Top Picks Of Moonlight Cinema This February

By Simone Jovel
12th Feb 2016

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You might think your night at the Moonlight Cinema couldn’t possibly get any better—kicking back under the stars with your fellow spoon-er, or your mates, sounds pretty good to us. But what about the rest of the night? The before, the after, even the during?

With so many possibilities and so little time to get organised, we're bringing you this easy, why-didn’t-we-think-of-that guide to help you continue being the winner at life that you were born to be and have the best night out humanly possible - including our top 5 picks of the February sessions.


Our top five picks

  • 13 February, Sisters: It's time to grab your gal-entine and hit up Moonlight for the ultimate girls night movie. Take a notepad for pick-up line inspo.
  • 18 February, The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Because you can never not want to watch this iconic movie classic. Singalongs welcome.
  • 19 February, The Hateful Eight: Tarantino's latest film is fat with big names - expect a lot of violence and a great soundtrack.
  • 24 February, Hail, Ceaser!: This quirky film from the Cohen brothers could be a bit of brilliance, or a huge flop. Either way, sounds like fun!
  • 28 February, Star Wars, The Force Awakens: If you haven't seen it, you must. If you have, it's time for a second round.

How to pimp your ride

1. Eat Something Beforehand, Whydontacha?

The great thing about the Moonlight Cinemas is how many delicious eats there are nearby. You can walk, cycle, Uber, whatever, and get your night off to the right start at one of these fine establishments in the area. Morris Jones is open every night of the week dishing up local Australian produce while Kong is adding a Korean touch to Church Street on the daily. Or, if you need to seriously fill that tummy, Rockwell and Sons in Collingwood plates up a mixture of fried chicken and good ol’ fashioned burgers for hungry punters just like you. 

2. Get Creative With BYO

Did you know the Moonlight Cinemas are BYO food, and, better yet, BYO booze? *insert happy dance here* With much-needed merry making in mind, why not check out Toorak Cellars in Armadale for some vino and, while you’re at it, pick up some snacks to pimp your picnic basket with supplies at our fave Windsor Deli, and throw in some healthy chocolates for good measure at Pana Chocolate.

3. Set Up Your Space

Whether it’s a romantic night for two or a group date, it’s best practice to get there early and plan your space. You need to think about the important things, like where to sit, and whether it’s the screen or your date you want to stare at. A little planning early on will make a whole lotta difference come show time! Bring a rug that’s big enough to share and don’t forget your pillow. Things can get a little chilly in the open air, so do BYO blanket, too.

4. Order Take-Away

For those of you who still struggle getting organised and out the door, why not order some take away and meet your delivery at the gate, or, better yet, head to the Moonlight Cinemas via a detour to your favourite takeaway joint. For convenience and deliciousness’ sake it’s worth checking out Miss Chu right around the corner, or grab a pizza to go from Pizza Religion in Hawthorn East.

5. Don't Forget Last Drinks

You’ve kicked back under the stars, the credits are rolling, you’ve tucked in to some snacks and now you’re ready to kick on. But to where, you ask? If you love an old faithful, try the the Terminus Hotel, Less Than Zero, or The Toff In Town. Or, if you find yourself with a second case of the munchies, Massive Wieners never lets the team down, while Two Little Pigs is ideal for an aperitivo and some charcuterie. Whatever you get up to, it’s always a good bet to wind up the night at Madame Brussel’s rooftop terrace.


Image credit: Moonlight Cinemas

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