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Top Secret Places You Should Have Visited In Melbourne

By Caylie Honeycombe
22nd Apr 2016

When it comes to all of the most epic things to do in this incredibly beautiful city we live in, we are terrible at keeping it a secret. 

Word on the street is, there’s a whole lot more to explore in Melbourne than you ever have thought possible. It’s true! We’ve been there, done all the things, tested all the waters and snuck into all the hidden bars—to bring you the most amazing secret spots in and around town.

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  • Melbourne’s Best Hidden Restaurants, Cafes & Bars
  • Have You Tried This Café Tucked Away In Eltham?
  • Melbourne’s Cheesiest Secret
  • Shhhh… 5 Hidden Bars To Try in Melbourne
  • The Best Hikes Around Melbourne
  • Melbourne’s Best Underground Tiki Bar
  • 5 Of Melbourne’s Best Camouflaged Cafes
  • Melbourne’s Best Underground Bars
  • Where To Find Cocktails In The Jungle
  • Get The Jerk Chicken… If You Can Find Them.
  • Melbourne’s Secret Cellar Bar

Plug in your deets below and you’ll be away laughing

(In secret, of course)

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