Trailer Made Goes Parking with The SuperCool

By Sarah Willcocks
22nd Jun 2015

Of all the food trucks chugging around Melbourne, the Trailer Made van has always aimed a little bit higher than your average. No greasy burgers or trashy tacos for them. Instead Trailer Made wanted to offer up seasonal, chef-cooked food that was restaurant quality (or as close as you can get off the proverbial back of a truck anyway). Now there’s no longer a need to stalk them around town; though you still can if you like a challenge. Trailer Made has moved in more permanently with the desirable object emporium in Fitzroy that is The SuperCool (who know a thing or two about being mobile themselves as one of the first to ride the pop-up train locally).

“I met them [The SuperCool’s Kate and Noonie] when I had a warehouse in Brunswick where I stored my food truck and they have a warehouse there too where they store their stock,” explains Trailer Made founder Amy Roberts. “They got in touch with me just after Easter and said that they were looking for someone to move in and open a cafe and would I be interested in doing that.” The result? Smashing out a new cafe from scratch in about six weeks.

Coming up with the interior design mostly on her lonesome, Amy scouted some striking triangle stools by up-cyclers Rubble Designs, “I absolutely love them and we get so many comments about them. I literally just drove past their store on High Street, Northcote and went ‘yep, they look cool, let’s get those’.” The rest of the space is also all angles in silver, minty green and peg board thanks to custom furniture pieces by Dimbelton and Medium Rare. The SuperCool have proved to be good housemates so far. “They just let me do whatever I wanted, they knew that our branding and our design would match up quite well,” says Amy. The SuperCool also add their own fresh touch to the space via rotating displays of buyable ceramics, cookbooks and other cafe-appropriate accoutrements.

There’s no kitchen on site, so the café's goods are delivered fresh each morning from their Preston based kitchen where their trailer now resides. It’s classic cafe comfort food with a vague nod to the Middle Eastern, “pistachio, pomegranate, Turkish spices like cumin and coriander, which have always been my staples in the trailer,” says Amy. This winter, they are dishing up honey and ricotta fruit toast, cinnamon-spiced banana bread and crunchy granola for brekkie as well as hearty soups and baguettes of the day and slow-cooked beef and mushroom or chicken and fennel pies at lunchtime. The cafe is onto a winner with their chicken and pistachio sandwich on toasted sourdough. Amy has also wangled Padre coffee, Greene St. juices, Northcote Bakeshop breads, 5 & Dime bagels and beautiful baked goods from the boutique Bethany Claire cakes.

Of settling into a more stationary mode Amy explains, “it has helped me to work in a small space and do multiple, different things in a tight area before. My cafe is not big, it’s probably 40 square metres, and the actual work area is probably the size of the trailer anyway!”

You can find the Trailer Made Cafe from inside The SuperCool, or enter via the green door on Kerr Street when the shop is closed. 

Image Credits: Sabine Legrand for The Urban List

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