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Trend Alert: Waffle Pops

By Ellen Seah
8th Apr 2016

Trend Alert - Waffle Pops

Any sweet tooth will attest that the logistics of eating a waffle on the go is a lot like attempting to eat your Nonna’s spaghetti with chopsticks. Or one chopstick. Thick, fudgey chocolate tries to make gingerbread man-like run for its life (off the side of your plate), while strawberries tumble to their pavement-ending doom and ice cream melts to its inevitable liquefied demise.

Now a brilliant Melbourne waffle-loving duo has finally given us an artery-clogging solution: Waffle Pops. Traditional crispy on-the-outside, chewy on-the-inside Belgium waffles are served on a stick and covered in 12 extravagantly sweet toppings so that you can chow down with one hand whist you Instagram it with the other. We #heart it.

Expect finger-licking combinations like the unashamedly kiddie Floss The Pink Fairy with homemade rhubarb, rose water syrup, smallows, coconut flakes, silver pearls and Persian fairy floss. Other options include the Chocolate Party Rainbow (it’s exactly what you think it is), the Salted Caramel Pop, and the Sundae Nanna Split.

The neon blue Let’s Waffle N’ Shake food truck is also home to pimped up milkshakes with extra toppings like crunchy nut cornflakes, sprinkles and caramel popcorn. Clearly, this is adult-ing at its finest.

You can sugar-stalk this rolling waffle house via their Facebook, Instagram or Where The Truck is at

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Image credit: Provided, Waffle 'N Shake. 

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