Trend Alert: What’s The Deal With Frozen Custard?

By Pip Jarvis
8th Feb 2016

royal stacks frozen custard

Here at The Urban List, we’re sick for an iced treat. We’ve been screaming for ice cream, going loco for fro-yo, getting down with gelato, and scoffing sorbet like it’s going out of fashion for quite some time now. So we were pretty intrigued, to say the least, when a new cold, creamy confection hit our radar. But what exactly is this newfangled frozen custard business?

We've noticed a bunch of places keen to deliver frozen custard to our bellies - amongst those offering the sweet treat in Melbourne are Royal Stacks and Laurie Dee’s. But we wanted to know a bit more about this awesome new dessert, so we sat down with Lawrence 'Laurie' Di Tomasso, instigator of Melbourne’s frozen custard movement, to see if this dessert cuts the mustard against good ol’ ice cream.

TUL: What exactly is frozen custard?

LD: Frozen custard is a super premium ice cream made with milk, cream and a small percentage of egg yolk. It differs from regular ice cream in a variety of ways. Firstly, frozen custard is churned in a continuous freezer as opposed to a batch freezer for regular ice cream, which basically means less air is beaten into the finished product. This is what gives frozen custard its smoother and silkier texture over regular ice cream. Another difference is that frozen custard is generally churned fresh several times a day at the point of sale. This is rarely achieved with regular ice cream.

Frozen custard contains egg yolk, but this is not to say that regular ice cream does not – it really depends on the maker and if the product is a premium or super premium product. Upon tasting frozen custard many people assume it has a high butter fat content due to its silky smoothness, however this is due mainly to the low 'over-run' churning process, not a high fat content. 

TUL: When did you start serving Frozen custard?

LD: I first served frozen custard at Epping Plaza in November 2011, soon after studying the process and attending an ice cream school in St Louis, MO. I chose to serve frozen custard after falling in love with it in Wisconsin – it's super popular over there. Places like Kopp's, Leon's, Ted Drew's and Gilles do it oh so well.

TUL: You serve two flavours at Laurie Dee’s. Is there a reason for that?

LD: The main reason for only two flavours is due to the product being made fresh throughout the day. This way, the product is used quickly so we can churn fresh custard more often. Other flavours are blended using fudges and mix-ins. In fact, we can create 480 flavour combinations with our Concrete Mixers.

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Photo credit: Provided, Royal Stacks

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