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Heads Up | The NGV Just Launched Triennial EXTRA

By Pippa Knight
19th Jan 2018


Just when you through the NGV's Triennial exhibition couldn't get more extra...they go and launch this thing. A free 10-day, after-dark program, stuffed with cutting-edge cuisine, live music, performance art, talks and good times. They're calling it Triennial EXTRA. Makes sense, we guess.

It’s a bit of everything, really. Art. DJs. Bars. Food. Ideas. Dance. Design. A late-night celebration of the very best Melbourne has to offer right now. It is a journey through current ideas about far-reaching topics that impact us all. 

Let's start with the food, shall we? Andrew McConnell is taking over the NGV’s Garden restaurant, turning it into Supernormal Natsu—a smoky, Japanese pop-up. Chefs will be grilling yakitori on a charcoal hibachi grill, there’s gonna be cold soba salads, seafood on crushed ice and a variety of veggo-friendly dishes.

Every night will begin with a line-up of summer party DJ sets in the NGV garden (think names like Tex Perkins, Adalita, Dan Sultan and Saskwatch). The gallery has also commissioned dance group Chunky Move to perform a guided journey through the Triennia, featuring five new and exclusive routines, along with live performances by Melbourne’s Polyphonic Voices. 

Of course, all your favourite Triennial exhibitions will be open late as well. Browsing and pondering are actively encouraged. 

Triennial EXTRA will be running till the 28th January. It kicks off from 6pm every night and runs until midnight. 

The Details

What: Triennial EXTRA
When: 18 – 28 January
Where: NGV Melbourne.
For more info, click here

Did you hear? There's a boozy Harry Potter brunch coming to a secret Melbourne location. 

Image credit: NGV

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