Two Minutes with Lisa Gorman | Fashion Designer

By Iro Kotsimbos
29th Oct 2013

Put simply, Lisa Gorman is a Melbourne fashion icon. Having started her label back in 1999, Lisa has since gone on to become famous for her easy-going, super wearable designs featuring bright, fun, happy prints. Gorman is a label that has a great sense of humour, doesn't take itself too seriously and has just the right amount of 'cool'.

We took two minutes to chat with Lisa about her foray into fashion, spring style, and her favourite Melbourne haunts.

TUL: How did you get into fashion and start the Gorman label?

I actually started out as a nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital before deciding to do a retail and visual merchandising traineeship – I was lucky enough to work with the talented bridal couturier, Mariana Hardwick. At the time, I was also living with Rachel and Kym, the founders of the FAT stores – they suggested I design some items for them and that's how Gorman began!

TUL: What would you be doing if you weren't a designer?

Professional ice skater, ideally.

TUL: What are the best and worst parts of your job?

Best – The creative freedom.

Worst – It never, ever stops.

TUL: You've collaborated with some great brands and designers recently – from Rhys Lee, Rachel Castle, Alexander Kori Girard and Ellie Malin, to Bloom, Kit Cosmetics and House of Baulch. What's the best part about this process?

It would definitely be doing something different with an artist whose work I really respect and admire. It's an honour to be able to make a product with someone else whose work you love, and pushes the boundaries of fashion into more interesting places.

TUL: Any new collaborations you can tell us about?

There are a few on the way, mostly as part of a new range that launches later this year. I can't tell you more than that, but there are four collaborations about to come your way.

The Gorman x Alexander Kori Girard collaboration is online now!

TUL: Tell us about your personal style – what do you love to wear? 

I'm uncomplicated when it comes to dressing to be honest. My daily threads really are as simple as jeans, tee, jumper and trainers. A heel on a big day maybe and occasionally a dress, but generally the chambray shirt-dress variety as opposed to a proper dress, which I save for the beach or for weddings. I like some colour, which probably comes as no surprise.  

TUL: And what would you never be caught in?

I think I've worn most of it by now, at one stage or another!  

TUL: What's the best part about Melbourne fashion?

The confidence that Melburnians have to dress themselves. 

TUL: What are the five pieces you think we need for spring?

Sporty sandals in several colours, pineapple one-piece swimsuit, splatter denim tote bag, the watermelon tee, and the flower power tencel jeans. All set!

TUL: Where are your favourite places to shop in Melbourne?

Angelucci 20th Century (of course!) – Smith Street, Fitzroy 

Tarlo & Graham – Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Terra Madre – High Street, Northcote 

Third Drawer Down – George Street, Fitzroy

Ganim's Store – Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Tokyo Bike (for bike bits and pieces) – Peel Street, Collingwood

Saint Louie (if you're shopping for a hair-do) – Russell Place, Melbourne

TUL: Northside or Southside? And what are your favourite haunts on that side?

North! See above for all my favourites.

I also like.... 

Casa Ciuccio for dinner and a drink – Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Wabi Sabi for sashimi salad – Smith Street, Collingwood

Sonido for cheese arepas and iced lattes – Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

TUL: Best way to spend $50 in Melbourne?

Head to Sonido for those cheesy arepas and the iced lattes – the whole family eats for $50!

Gorman's Summer 13 collection features bold colours and fun, graphic prints.

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Image Credit: Gorman.

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