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Two Minutes with Zoe Foster Blake

By Emma Bangay
1st Apr 2014

Zoe Foster Blake dons many professional caps. Correction. Make that fascinators now that she has recently flown the Sydney coup, and is nesting in Melbourne with hubby Hamish Blake. Heavily pregnant, newly published and freshly minted as founder of Go-To skincare, Zoe talks to The Urban List about life in Melbourne, impending motherhood and her love-affair with all things salted caramel. 

TUL: How long have you lived in Melbourne? Is it still a part-time love affair?

About a year, but before that I spent three years doing both Sydney and Melbourne, getting to enjoy both gorgeous cities like a total city pig.

TUL: What did you hear about Melbourne before moving south?

People talked a lot about the weather. A lot. The four seasons in one day thing – that the winters are miserable; the summers are blistering. What they failed to mention, though, is that for two and a half days each April, the weather is just perfect.

TUL: Where is your spiritual home in Melbourne?

Fitzroy. Or 'Fitzroy' as us locals call it.

TUL: Tell us about your new beauty brand – Go-To…and how you got here.

As a beauty editor of ten years, I've tried a fair whack of skincare. I know what actually works, and what doesn't, what's worth using and investing in, and what you can do without. I've also been privy to some wildly honest feedback from women about what they like/don't like and what confuses them about skincare. 

So, combining all of that knowledge, I created a fool proof, confidently simple range of five products that act as a kind of skincare scaffolding. We all need a cleanser, a moisturiser, exfoliant, lip balm and a body product (even if we love our power serums and masks and toners and facials). So, working backwards from the ingredients I know are effective, I built products that fulfilled these needs. All Go-To products are entirely pure, but they actually do something, too. I'm spectacularly proud of them.

TUL: As the local High Priestess of all things pretty, where would you go for a facial, or a massage?

For facials, MADE. Beauty Space in Hawthorn, Me Skin and Body in Toorak or neoSKiN in Richmond. For massages, ISIKA Day Spa at Crown Metropol or Aurora Spa Retreat.

The too-good-to-be-true (except they are true!) Go-To products...we'll have one of everything!

TUL: What do you love about Melbourne by day?

The 'Melbourneness.' Old school trams rattling by, lovely big leafy trees, crisp blue skies, four billion excellent places to get a meal and excellent coffee, buzzing alleyways, street art – all the things that would feature in a TV tourism campaign basically.

TUL: What do you love about Melbourne by night?

How alive it is. On any given night, there are people out everywhere, doing stuff. You're never short of something to do or see down here. Also, this is a city that masterfully utilises its CBD, something Sydney sadly does not.

TUL: Best way to spend $50 in Melbourne?

Comedy festival tickets. And pizza. And beer. Or, a lobster roll and the peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate at Golden Fields (editor's note: get in quick before it shuts its doors!)

TUL: Best ways to spend $500 in Melbourne?

At Green With Envy, or Incu. Or on half a pair of shoes at Miss Louise.

TUL: Favourite Melbourne label?

Nobody Denim.

TUL: Favourite bar?

The Everleigh on Gertrude Street.

TUL: Best florist?

I've been using Pollon Flowers and Flowers Vasette.

TUL: Best homewares shop?

fenton&fentonJardanSpacecraft and Loom Rugs.

TUL: Any great weekend getaways in Melbourne?

Lake House in Daylesford. Oh boy.

TUL: Most inspiring fellow Melburnian?

Lucy Feagins and her glorious The Design Files team.

TUL: Favourite AFL team?

The ones with the colours and numbers. Those guys.

TUL: If Melbourne were a meal, what would it be?

Right now? A burger, fried chicken and a salted caramel milk shake. Hopefully, for the sake of all our arteries, this love affair with junk food changes soon.

TUL: What does 2014 hold for Zoe Foster Blake and family? (The beauty product kind and the human kind) 

It's a big, juicy one: I've just released a new novel called The Wrong Girl, and now I'm launching my skincare line – Go-To – and then I plan to have a tiny little human and wear tracksuit pants a lot and thoroughly enjoy my family for a while.

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