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Uber And The Red Cross Want To Clear Out Your Wardrobe

By Megan Whitfield
30th May 2018

It’s safe to assume we’re all familiar with Uber. It’s also safe to assume we’ve probably had some Uber experiences that…don’t leave us too proud, after one too many happy hour drinks. There’s a reason that cleaning fee is so high.

This Saturday is our chance to do some Uber good instead. For the third year running, the Red Cross is teaming up with Uber and encouraging us to clear out our closets of pre-loved-but-no-longer-worn items for their clothing drive.

They’re accepting clothing, shoes and accessories, bagged and ready to go for pick up. And yes, that includes the third black jumper you bought last year but haven’t worn because it was never quite right. And those shoes that really don’t fit no matter how cute they are. Let them go. It’s time.

Getting involved is super easy. All you’ve gotta do is gather up those formerly-loved goods in a bag, open up your Uber app between 12 – 4pm on Saturday 3 June, select the ‘Red Cross Clothing Drive’ option, then request and confirm your location! And nope, you don’t need to pay the fare.

Last year saw roughly $800,000 worth of clothing donated, and they’re hoping for a similar result this time too. We're talking almost 41,000 kgs of clothing. That’s a helluva lot of clothing stuffed in the backs of wardrobes.

Proceeds from the donated clothing sold in the Red Cross op-shops go towards providing vital services for community members overcoming crisis at home. Now that’s much more dignified than your last night on the town.

Heads up, this service is only available in select service areas. For Melbourne, that’s the CBD and surrounding suburbs (check out this page for more info), but goods can be dropped off in person at Red Cross stores all year 'round.

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Image credit: Sensibletransport

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