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There’s A Pub In Melbourne Doing Vegan ‘Double Down’ Burgers

By James Shackell
31st Jan 2018


The next time someone tells you vegan food = rabbit food, show them a pic of this thing. It’s a genuine vegan ‘Double Down’ (aka God’s Mistake).

If you’re not familiar with the whole Double Down history, it was basically a monstrous burger, made by KFC, which featured two deep-fried chicken fillets instead of buns. Just to confirm—that’s chicken around your burger. There was no real way to eat it without getting grease everywhere (and in some cases scalding yourself), but damn it was a self-hatred kind of way.

Well The Cornish Arms in Brunswick has created a vegan equivalent. The Vegan Double Down. It’s two mock chicken patties (made from the finest soy), coated in Southern spices, fried and stuffed with ‘cheez’ (vegan cheese), ‘facon’ (vegan bacon), salad and tomato (real, actual tomato). You also get shoestring fries and a crunchy slaw.

 "It came about as many of the vegan dishes here do—keeping an eye out on pop culture and mainstream food fads and “veganising” them," says chef Lloyd Kembrey. 

This thing is pretty much the most fun you can have with plants. If you want to try one, head on down to The Cornish Arms on Sydney Rd. The Vegan Double Down is available right freakin’ now.

The Details

What: Vegan ‘Double Down’
Where: The Cornish Arms, 163 Sydney Rd
When: Right now
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White 

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