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Where To Find Vegan Ice Cream In Melbourne

By Marina Nazario - 06 Feb 2018


Listen up vegan plant-lovers, we just upgraded your summer. No, not with Melbourne's best secret vegan menus or a dedicated vegan pub, but with dessert! Just because all your non-vegan friends are cooling off with ice cream, doesn’t mean you can’t either.

We understand your need for a creamy dessert, especially during those hot summer days, so we made a list of where to find vegan ice cream in Melbourne. You're bloody welcome. 

Ms Bean

Box Hill

Our homegirl, Ms Bean, is all about being vegan. So she opened a completely vegan dessert shop, devoid of all animal products. That’s commitment. Ms Bean uses a fancy Italian gelato machine to churn fresh vegan ice cream daily. So you can bet that sh*t is as creamy and delicious as the traditional stuff. If you don’t believe us, ask your non-vegan friends to do a blind taste test. 

Fritz Gelato

Various locations

Um, did you know that most vegan varieties are also gluten-free? So what would such a product look like, you ask? It'd look like the best damn gelato in Australia, duuuhhh. Fritz is known for getting wild and crazy with their flavours, and if you’re vegan, they’ll give you 37 flavours to choose from. THIRTY-SEVEN. Who knew? We have our eye on Tequila Sunrise.


Carlton & Windsor 

The crew at Pidapipo churn out some of the best damn ice cream in Melbourne, and there's no reason vegans can't join in the fun. Just stick to the sorbet range—it's 100% animal-friendly, and comes in tangy summer flavours like peach (nom) and watermelon (double nom). 


St Kilda

Why go to Italy for perfectly good gelato when you can just go to 7apples? The owner of this shop lived in Tuscany for a few years, learning all the tricks of the ice cream trade. After soaking up all that Italian knowledge, he opened up shop in St Kilda and brought us creamy artisan gelato, complete with vegan flavours so we can all indulge. That’s amore!  

Billy Van Creamy

Fitzroy North 

Yep, it's true. The guys from legendary food truck Billy Van Creamy just created a 100% vegan ice cream range, made from housemade cashew milk and organic coconut milk. The flavour range isn't as extensive as your cow varieties (yet), but damn do they taste good. 


Hawthorn & Collingwood

It's worth dropping into Piccolina every now and then to check on the vegan goodness. Most of their range does include dairy, but they usually have at least one or two plant-based flavours rotating through the mix. FIngers crossed they're churning the famous vegan, gluten-free chocolate brownie ice cream. That sh*t is the bomb. 

N2 Extreme Gelato


Our friends at N2 Extreme Gelato are seriously committed to surprising your taste buds. And they go to dangerously great lengths to do this—using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream (yes, it’s safe to eat). It adds a nice bit of theatre to your vegan ice cream experience. The scientists at N2 change up their flavours every two weeks and always include one vegan offering. Get around it, science nerds. 

Ben & Jerry’s


Of course the OGs of ice cream do vegan! And they make four extremely Ben & Jerry flavours that have us frothing at the mouth, including peanut butter and cookies, caramel almond brittle, coffee caramel fudge and coconut seven layer bar. Winning! You can get these glorious vegan flavours in-store at their digs on Flinders lane, or just grab a pint from 7-Eleven and take it home with you while you binge watch Suits.

Mister Nice Guys

Ascot Vale

Our friends at Mister Nice Guys definitely live up to their name. They’re an all-inclusive bakery whose products are 100% egg-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, cochineal & gelatine-free, with soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and corn-free options. Phew. Love a good vegan bakery. But they also make the meanest vegan freakshakes around, with flavours like Chocolate Lochness, Salted Caramel Pretzelstein and Boo-Nana Split. Yum.

Girls & Boys


Obviously, Fitzroy has its fair share of vegan eats. And Girls and Boys is the place to go if you’re a vegan craving dessert, especially ice cream. And none of that sorbet crap either, we mean real, creamy, soft serve ice cream and gelato made for vegans. They make their ice cream and gelato with a blend of coconut and soy milk, sweetened with rice syrup. And then they go crazy with the flavours. Bless our souls.

Gelato Messina

Various locations

The ice cream at Messina may not be vegan, but the sorbets sure as hell are. Who needs white stuff that comes out of cows when you've got all-natural, plant-based flavours like salted coconut and mango salsa, blood orange, chocolate sorbet and pandan & coconut? 

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Image credit: Billy Van Creamy

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