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Welcome to Pixel Alley – Melbourne’s New Arcade Bar

By Ethan Jenkins
27th May 2015

melbournes best arcade bars
melbournes best arcade bars

From the purveyors of fine drinks, good times and bocce, the team behind Mr Wow’s Emporium is set to expand its horizons with its new venture, Pixel Alley, opening this Friday.

After a trip to the United States’ thriving barcade scene, the team has decided to step up their 'game' game by opening an 80s playground for grown-ups. More commonly known as an arcade bar, where one can drink, play and score to their heart’s content.

At Pixel Alley, you can release your week’s worries and a few hadokens with some button-mashing stress relief on Street Fighter II. Or fulfil any vintage gamer’s fantasy with the likes of Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Daytona and Tapper for good measure.

The games don’t stop with the arcade; at the bar you’ll find a quirky cocktail list including the likes of the Pac-Man Bubble Cup, Pipe Dream or the Konky Dong, a barrel-aged rum banana milkshake. The Pixel Alley fridge is stocked with a wide range of local and American canned beers, or restore your life points with Little Smith Brewing’s Bastard Son Pale Ale on tap.

You will feel like you have stepped into the second dimension once you enter the colourful frontage of 95 Smith Street. Thanks to the handy design work of local artist, Justine McAllister from Sketchet Illustration, the walls are adorned with original pixelated art, a theme that follows throughout every corner of this nostalgic alley.  

Take an adventure back in time without having to reach 88mph. Pixel Alley is set to open its doors to the eagerly awaiting button-mashing public on May 29th. 

Pixel Alley | Fitzroy

Image credit: Pixel Alley

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