We’ve Found Melbourne’s Best Secret Vegan Menu Option

By Amber De Luca-Tao
11th Jul 2017


Does anyone remember the days where eating out as a vegan or vegetarian meant you could only order a bowl of steamed greens with a glass of hot water and lemon?

To be honest… we don’t really either. Especially now that we live in a world where foods are accidentally vegan and we’ve got access to awesome vegan hacks.

Yep, it’s official, those days are way, waaaay behind us—and for that, we’re forever grateful. And get this, we’ve been let it on a lil’ secret from Belleville that will have vegetarian, vegan and lovers of all things non-meaty rejoicing.

While Belleville is most popularly known for their perfectly fried, gleaming golden chicken and their beloved Sunday Roasts, they’ve got a Vegan Chicken option which isn't listed on the menu. It's actually secretly a part of their Hook Me Up menu range. All you need to do is simply and politely make a request, and you'll be granted permission to the amazing dish as part of your order.

So let us explain. It’s basically a soy-flavoured, mock chicken product that’s dipped in a Korean spiced batter. It’s then coated in their secret house spice blend flour mix which contains three different kinds of flours to make it fantastically crispy. And just to spice things up, it’s served with coriander, chilli and ginger dipping sauce.

The more you know/You’re welcome.

The Details

When: 11am – 1am
Where: Belleville, Globe Alley, Melbourne
For more info, click here.

Disclaimer: The image used for our header is actually Belleville's classic roast chicken, not their vegan option.

Image credit: Belleville

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