Where to Find the Best French Toast in Melbourne

By Ella Pleasant
25th Sep 2014

French toast has come a long way from stale bread dipped in egg. Made with fancy shmancy brioche, loaded with nut butters, bacon and given a generous slug of syrup, Melbourne's best cafes have well and truly delivery mastered the sweet art of breakfast. 

Sugar fiends, sink your sweet teeth into this list of the best French toast in Melbourne. 

Hub Café | St Kilda

This St Kilda café ticks all the right boxes, combining two of our favourite meals – dessert and breakfast – in one delicious, sugary dish. Hub Café's Apple Crumble French Toast features a spiced nut-topped baked apple, crumble-coated bread and a glorious dollop of vanilla mascarpone. Drooool! The best French toast in town? It just might be!

Industry Beans | Fitzroy

While known for their brew and some of the best breakfasts in Melbourne, Industry Beans can Frenchify their toast, too. The Almond Crusted French Toast comes in a thick pool of coffee custard, complete with roasted apples, rhubarb puree, lemon curd and coffee caviar. What's coffee caviar, you say? They're like little, soft-centred popping balls of caffeinated goodness, otherwise known as heaven. 

Demitri's Feast | Richmond

Offering up all-day brunch fare with distinctive Greek flare, Demitri's Feast serves up some of the best French toast in Melbourne. A favourite of the Melbourne brunch set, the Baklava French Toast features eggy brioche topped with thick Greek yoghurt, drizzled with orange blossom syrup and sprinkled with walnut praline. Yes, baklava is totally acceptable for breakfast. Because we said so. 

Image credit: Three Bags Full Facebook.

Three Bags Full | Abbotsford 

While people flock to Three Bags Full for their smashed avo (oft touted to be one of the best breakfasts in Melbourne), we're allll about their French toast. The bread, thickly sliced, dipped then twice-baked, is served on a pillow of crème pâtissière, topped with stewed rhubarb and pistachios. Redonkulous.  

Bowery to Williamsburg | Melbourne CBD

When it comes to artery-clogging, diabetes-inducing feasts, we all know the Americans do it best. Bowery to Williamsburg, a New York-style cafe on Oliver Lane, serves up some of the best French toast in Melbourne. It's all about the peanut butter and jelly here, the PB&J Challah French Toast served with peanut butter parfait and a syrupy strawberry salad. It's heaven (via heart attack) on a plate. 

Seven Seeds | Carlton

Wave goodbye to your diet and salute The King with Seven Seeds' Elvis French Toast. Yep, it's exactly what you think it is: a glorious amalgamation of eggy bread, banana caramel, whipped peanut butter and house cured bacon. Sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy – all fun, all cholesterol. One of Melbourne's best breakfasts? You bet your blue suede shoes!

Image credit: Birdman Eating.

Birdman Eating | Fitzroy

Birdman Eating's brioche French toast is truly decadent affair, accompanied by marmalade-glazed kaiserfleisch (otherwise known as smoked bacon), orange pekoe (a type of tea) and maple syrup. It's weird, wonderful and just bloody works. Well done, Birdman Eating, well done.

Auction Rooms | North Melbourne

Crème Brulee, s'il vous plait! Auction Rooms offer a very French toast, complete with a caramelised sugar crust, 'devil on horseback' dates, crispy bacon and tangy poached rhubarb. You'll be singing La Marseillaise and tweaking your moustache by the time you're through this bad boy. 

Hannah | St Kilda

She's a sweet beast, this one! St Kilda's Hannah is known for her brioche French toast, offering sticky specials every weekend. One Saturday you may be dining on the likes of French toast with poached quinces and gingerbread parfait, another Saturday you may be stuffing your face with a sandwich stuffed with caramel, lathered in berry jam, hazelnuts and chocolate brownie ice cream. Oh yeah, there's also a cheesecake French toast in the mix. Run, don't walk (let's face it, you'll need all the exercise you can get!). 

Cowderoy's Dairy | St Kilda West 

Come the weekend, Cowderoy's Dairy is all about the eggy bread. This St Kilda West café offers not one but two brioche French toasts: pistachios, cinnamon and orange flower syrup, or hazelnuts, chocolate and banana jam. Yep, it'll be the toughest decision you make all weekend. All French toast-ed out?  (Is that even possible?) Cowderoy's Dairy also make a mean sweet jaffle, stuffed with banana and nutella. Seriously. 

Main image credit: The Cozy Apron.

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