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Where to Watch the World Cup Final in Melbourne

By Alice Raitt
12th Jul 2014

It has all come down to this; there's been sweat and tears and at last we have made it to the FIFA World Cup Final. Germany gave Brazil a run for their money, breaking many a Latin heart with their victory; and soccer fans watched in awe as Lionel Messi scored for Argentina. As sad as we are to not see our boys the Socceroos in the final, (don't worry, 2018 will totally be our year), we will definitely be sitting on the edge of our seats as we watch Germany and Argentina battle it out for the title on the field.

Unfortunately we can't all afford to vacay in Brazil to get up close and personal with the players; however we can still ride the highs and lows of the final in Australia's sporting capital. The World Cup Final goes live at 5:00am this Monday, so set your alarms nice and early because you don't miss out on a moment of the action. Here's where to watch the World Cup Final in Melbourne.

The Birmingham Hotel | Collingwood

If you're on Smith Street and you want to get in the soccer spirit The Birmingham Hotel is the place to be. This whole World Cup season they have gone above and beyond by extending their trading hours for fans who must see the game live. Vintage decor, craft beer and a great traditional pub feed, you can't go wrong with watching the World Cup Final here. 

Crown Sports Bar | Southbank

Your lounge room doesn't even compare to Crown Sports Bar in Southbank when it comes to watching the World Cup Final. With 20 large screens for your World Cup viewing pleasure, there won't be an angle you can look at without a great view of the match. No need to fear missing a moment of sporting glory while you get yourself another drink. The best part about Crown Sports Bar is that viewing the World Cup final is absolutely free and open around the clock on weekends so you can turn that Sunday session into a World Cup celebration on Monday morning. 

IMAX | Carlton

If you can find a bigger screen on which to watch the World Cup Final in Melbourne, we'll eat our hats. IMAX is offering a larger than life experience of the final, and for $30 a ticket you'll feel like you're watching the game as you're standing on the field itself. Get there 45 minutes early, (yes, that is 4:15am, I repeat 4:15am) for all of the pre game goodness. The early wake up call will be well worth it, plus they promised there would be coffee. 

The Hawthorn Hotel | Hawthorn

Lounges, pool tables, big TV screens and drinks at student prices, yes, please! The Hawthorn Hotel is the ideal place to watch World Cup Final live in Melbourne, especially if you purchase one of their a $25 bud buckets – you and your pal will be set for game. Don't be scared off by the student bar stigma, when was the last time you saw a uni student get out of bed before noon anyway?  

George Cinema | St Kilda

For all of you Southsiders, you're not going to want to miss out on tickets for viewing the World Cup Final in St Kilda at George Cinema. Join in on their Festival of Football by purchasing a General admission ticket, which will get you access to the stadium and indoor lawn seating on lounges and bean bags, as well as access to the food stalls and bar. Or you can go all out for the soccer final and get a VIP ticket, entitling you to a private Superbox for the best viewing experience, plus four courses of food. Yum! 

Portland Hotel | Melbourne CBD

The Portland Hotel has been a very devoted World Cup venue, airing all 64 games live and decking the place out with flags from every competing nation – you really can admire their commitment. For those who appreciate a finely handcrafted ale while appreciating the fine sportsmanship of football, the Portland Hotel is the place for you. Out the back is the James Squire Brewhouse, so you can try out one of their ales right in Melbourne's CBD while you watch the World Cup Final.  

Hoyts Melbourne Central | Melbourne CBD

We're all well aware that Melbourne Central Shopping Centre is your one-stop shop for just about anything you've ever needed right in the heart of Melbourne, but who knew that Hoyts Melbourne Central would be your go-to place to watch the World Cup, too. They're airing the World Cup Final live and when you purchase your ticket, we suggest you opt for the toastie and OJ option to satisfy your tummy while you get your head in the game.  

Imperial Hotel | Melbourne CBD

I'm yet to find a flaw in the Imperial Hotel's World Cup Final offering. A traditional pub that has a 24-hour liquor license, they'll be serving breakfast at 6am and have $20 bud buckets on offer especially for the World Cup. They are undoubtedly providing some stiff competition for the best venue in Melbourne to watch the World Cup final. 

World Restaurant & Bar | Southbank

World Restaurant & Bar are making sure that the only grumbles you can hear are the ones coming from the losing team by serving some great breakfast specials nice and early. You can book a table nice and close to the screens, or rock up early to try out your luck on World Cup Final day. Doors open at 4am, so if you can bear to take your eyes off the screen for a few moments, you're bound to be able to watch the sunrise over the banks of Yarra and then get straight back into business of the game.

Hophaus | Southbank

If you're rooting for Germany in the World Cup Final, you may as well go all out in their German Bier Hall where they are airing the game live on two large screens. Have a breakfast of German champions – the World Cup breakfast menu includes chicken schnitzel rolls and german sausages, accompanied by steins, natürlich.

Main image credit: Zimbio

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