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5 World Nutella Day Creations You Need To Eat In Melbourne Today

By James Shackell
5th Feb 2018


If you didn’t know (and why would you, really) today is World Nutella Day. The one arbitrary day of the year that we celebrate the sweet, spreadable goodness that is Nutella. AKA The God Condiment

You can celebrate Nutella Day however you want. Go down to the supermarket, buy a big tub and smear it all over your body. Bake Nutella brownies. Dilute with water and bathe in it. We don’t really mind. But there are a few Melbourne venues who are getting in on the hazelnut action. Here are 5 Nutella celebrations happening in Melbourne today.

Free ‘Nutella Creations’ At Brunetti


If you haven’t checked out Brunetti’s new CBD cafe yet, this is a good excuse. They’ve created a custom menu of Nutella treats to celebrate World Nutella Day, and they’re giving them all away for FREE (to the first 1000 customers). We’re talking pancakes (with Nutella), croissants (with Nutella), Boombe (with Nutella), even Nutella cannoli (shotgun those). The giveaway starts at 7:30am and runs until they’re out of stock (so probably, 8am). Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Where: Brunetti, 250 Flinders Ln
When: From 7:30am
For more info, click here.

Nutella Gelato At Piccolina

Collingwood & Hawthorn

This one isn’t free, but it IS delicious. It’s Piccolina’s cult favourite, Better Than Nutella gelato. A gluten-free ice-cream made from roasted hazelnuts, chocolate and cocoa powder. You can get it today at either the Hawthorn store or the new Collingwood digs. If you drop by Collingwood, you can even get liquefied Better Than Nutella, which is constantly flowing from the chocolate tap behind the pozzetti bar.

Where: Piccolina Gelateria, Collingwood & Hawthorn
When: Monday 5 February
For more info, click here.

Nutella Doughnuts At Doughnut Time


Doughnut Time celebrates World Nutella Day like it’s a religious experience. Last year their Montella Jordan sold out in hours, and this year they’ve created something new—Tella She’s Dreaming. A Nutella-filled, chocolate glazed, Nutella drizzled, Nutella brownie, with red, white and black sprinkles, topped with gold leaf and a mini Nutella jar. This thing sounds like it should be illegal. You can get them in-store until EOD today. Check Doughnut time’s website for various locations.

Where: All Doughnut Time stores
When: Monday 5 February
For more info, click here.

Free Nutella Hot Cross Buns At Oasis Bakery


Three words: ‘brioche Nutella hot cross buns’. Two more words: ‘totally free’. Yep, that’s what’s happening at the famous Oasis Bakery in Murrumbeena today. The first 100 people through the door will get their hands on a fresh-baked brioche Nutella hot cross bun. These things sold like hot cakes last year (very like hot cakes really....exactly like hot cakes) so get in quick. Don’t stress though—if you miss out on a freebie you can still buy a pack to take home. Oasis are baking plenty.

Where: Oasis Bakery, 993 North Rd
When: From 8am, Monday 5 February
For more info, click here.

Nutella Martinis At Hu Tong


Hu Tong Prahran have taken a slightly different tack for World Nutella Day. They’ve decided to combine Nutella with booze to create a Nutella-tini. Basically, Nutella mixed with Frangelico, vodka and Baileys, complete with a hazelnut rim. Nutella for adults, essentially, and further proof that adding ‘tini’ to anything makes it at least 60% more delicious. The Nutella-tini is best enjoyed with a small plate of dumplings, and then several more plates of dumplings.

Where: Hu Tong, 62 Commerical Rd, Prahran
When: Monday 5 February
For more info, click here

Feel like some health after all that Nutella? You can get these Kombucha cocktails at the Garden State Hotel. 

Image credit: Hu Tong

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