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Your Lactose-Free Guide To Easter This Year

By Ellen Seah
23rd Mar 2016


Dear lactose intolerant friends, we know Easter can be a difficult time of year. While the rest of Melbourne rejoices during a long weekend dedicated to celebrating the cocoa bean, you’re doomed to never have the satisfaction of cracking open a wildly oversized chocolate egg.

But don’t egg-guish! We want you to have an egg-cellent Easter this year without dairy (and the excessive flatulence that comes with it…because that’s fun for exactly no-one).

For the classic Easter egg, check out Burch & Purchese’s deluxe single origin dark chocolate egg. This refined golden egg is hand sprayed and brushed with 35 carat gold. You’ve struggled through so many chocolate-free Easters— treat yourself!

A range of creative, rich and (rather importantly) lactose-friendly chocolate is available from Melbourne’s favourite raw chocolatier, Pana Chocolate. Chocolate bars may not scream Easter, but their Happy Easter gift box does. Including the coconut & goji, mint, fig & wild orange and sour cherry & vanilla choco bars, there’s nothing more Easter than extreme quantities of chocolate. Koko Black also offers a dairy-free Dominican Republic chocolate bar.

Quirky lactose-free chocolate exists and it’s waiting at organic, Sydney-based chocolaterie Winnow Chocolates and Fossil Chocolate. Fossil Chocolate specialise in gold brushed, skull-shaped chocolate like their 24k gold hazelnut dark chocolate skull. Winnow Chocolate orders to Melbourne are processed within 2-3 business days, so if golden raspberry pyramids or dark brittle Turkish fantasy bars sound like it will make your tastebuds smile, hop online (and bring your credit card).  

Have a very merry lactose-free Easter Melbourne! 

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Image credit: Burch & Purchese, supplied.

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