Zara Is FINALLY Launching An Online Store In Australia

By Ange Law
2nd Mar 2018


If you’ve ever gotten yourself all tangled up in the Zara website to only realise it not only 1. doesn’t have an Australian store, but 2. also doesn’t ship to Australia, then listen the hell up. Zara is finally getting an online store in Australia and we. Are. Done. 

We literally have no details except for the fact that the Zara AU website (which didn’t exist until, like, one minute ago) is now saying “Hey bae, we’re heading down under on 14 March and you better be bloody ready for us”.  No longer will you have to awkwardly scan your handbag after waiting a cheeky half hour in line at the fitting rooms. Now, it’s all about maxing out your credit card on affordable fashion, on the couch, sans pants. And we are (as always) soooooo here for it. 

That’s it. Wrap it up team, this week is officially made. 

Also, you can head here to learn how to fold a fitted sheet (you're welcome). 

Image credit: Zara

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