15 Of The Best Spots To Get Cold-Brew Coffee In Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
16th Dec 2016

15 Of The Best Spots To Get Cold Brew Coffee In Auckland

Summer is an odd time for coffee fiends. We’re amped about the warmer weather but our serious addiction to a warm cup of Joe remains. The solution? Cold-brew coffee! Uh huh, you really haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the sweet nectar that is cold brew.

For those of you know have nooo idea what we’re on about, cold-brew coffee looks like a cold long black, but the coffee has been extracted using cold water over a REALLY long period of time.

The result is smooth, delicious icy-cold coffee that will give you your caffeine fix and cool you down, too! Here are 15 of our fave places to get cold-brew coffee in Auckland. You’ll be caffeinated AF all summer long.

  1. You would have seen Kokako’s 300ml bottles of liquid happiness all around town. They make it using Fairtrade Organic Coffee and can be found at their Grey Lynn café or at one of these spots. 
  2. We love Dear Jervois for their amazeballs breakfast menu and superfood smoothies but their cold brew deserves a shout-out too. It’s one refreshing drop.
  3. Espresso Workshop are—you guessed it—all about the coffee, and then make one mighty fine cold brew. Have it bottled, poured over ice or try their nitro brew—cold-brew infused with nitrogen. It looks like a pint of Guinness but tastes oh-so good.
  4. You can always rely on Atomic Coffee Roasters for a delish coffee and their cold brew is no exception. Enjoy it straight up with soda, with milk or give their Coco cold brew a whirl—their take on Vietnamese coffee.
  5. Sitting opposite Auckland Art Gallery is a coffee joint serving up the good brew goods. Curator Espresso Bar have nitro cold brew on tap (ON TAP!). It’s creamy, sweet and will give you the caffeine kick you need.
  6. The Tannery is a joint venture between Kohu Road Ice Cream and Mt Atkinson Coffee (ice cream and coffee—heck yes), and they make a mean single-origin cold drip.
  7. Little Bird are lovers of Kokako cold drip, too! It’s 67% less acidic so much better for your body’s PH. They serve it with a side of hazelnut milk for the perfect summer bevvie.
  8. Weta Coffee took out the number one spot in our Readers’ Choice Auckland’s Best Coffee Awards so you know their cold brew is going to be top-notch. They brew from 100% premium Arabica beans and serve it in nifty 300ml bottles.
  9. Cargo Coffee in the CBD are also fans of Kokako. They get fresh batches delivered on the reg, so you can get your fix in the city. 
  10. Blend is a unique concept store on Eden Terrace. Not only do they sell groovy vintage bikes, they pour damn delicious coffees. While we’re fans of their flat whites, their cold brew is also worth your time.
  11. Inner-city gem, Chuffed, is a solid option when it comes to satisfying your cold brew craving. Grab a glass and some of their Auckland-famous crumpets and you’ve got yourself a stellar meal.
  12. You’ll find RAD’s cold drip under the ‘fancy’ section of their menu, because let’s be honest, cold brew is a lil’ bit fancy. They often have guest blends and single origins so just ask the friendly crew.
  13.  Wairau Valley’s Coffee Lab is all about the cold-brew life. They sell sparkling cold brew by the bottle as well as exotic blends over ice.
  14. Another spot with cold brew on tap is The Apothecary. Be warned though, this drink comes with a warning sign as it can be up to eight times the strength of a normal espresso!
  15. Eighthirty are known for their rich cold brew. Choose between cold, smooth and milky, or cold, sturdy and black and get ready to feel the buzz. 

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Image credit: Claudia Schmueli

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