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37 Things To Do In Auckland When The Weather Is Crap

By Marilynn McLachlan
15th Apr 2017

things to do in auckland when it's raining

Ok, Mother Nature, we get it. We honestly know that you’re the real power, either making or breaking our days. Raining in Auckland again? Shock us! 

Lucky for us, when Auckland is filled with grey skies, there's all sorts of indoor, temperature-controlled activities—as well as some adventurous ones for those brave enough—so we don’t have to spend all our time bunkering indoors, duvet pulled tight watching Netflix series after Netflix series...although that has merit too, of course. 

Here’s our round up of 37 things to do in Auckland when it's raining. 

  1. Take this opportunity to update your wardrobe at these shops so you don’t look like every other Aucklander. 
  2. Go kiwi spotting at Auckland Zoo
  3.  Head to West Wave for a swim and slide.
  4. Catch some live music at one of these venues
  5. Catch a flick at Capitol Cinema on Dominion Road. 
  6. Work your way through a paddle board of brew at Hallertau.
  7. Face those fears and go shark diving at Kelly Tarlton’s
  8. Spend your day train hopping.
  9. Soak in the history of the Auckland Museum
  10. Lie in bed and watch Nexflix docos. Maybe even pop some popcorn, hey? 
  11. Get relaxed/zen/calm at this epic yoga studio
  12. And then sip a vino and enjoy a bite to eat as you look out the windows and feel gratitude for not being outside. 
  13. Smash down a truly fantastic burger here
  14. Catch a blockbuster film on the giant 3D screen at IMAX
  15. Expand your mind to scientific proportions at Stardome
  16. Suck down an alcoholic milkshake or five at one of these places. 
  17. Take a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery
  18. Embrace your inner adventurer and go rock climbing at Extreme Edge
  19. Leaf through best sellers and old classics at one of Auckland’s best book stores
  20. Embrace the crappy weather and go ice skating
  21. Or, take it to the extreme and go skiing
  22. Take up a new hobby
  23. Get locked in a room with friends here or here. It will be one hell of a spooky ride. 
  24. Bake a cake/cupcakes/cookies and eat them all by yourself.
  25. Be educated at MOTAT
  26. Sweat bullets and rejuvenate the soul at a class of hot yoga
  27. Devour all the food at Blue Breeze Inn
  28. Hit the town and go clubbing
  29. Clubbing not your thing? Try these things
  30. Choose your meatball, choose your sauce and choose your main ingredient and add a next-level cocktail at Bedford Soda & Liquor
  31. Join the booty class at Habitat for Fitness
  32. Enjoy some peace and quiet at one of Auckland’s amazing libraries
  33. Shoot all of your most annoying friends with lasers at Mega Zone
  34. Jump onto YouTube and watch video after video after video…
  35. Get onto your tippy-toes and pretend to be a ballerina at Barrefigure
  36. Bowl a strike and sip on a beer at one of these spots
  37. Get your caffeine fix at one of these spots.

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