38 Thoughts Foreigners Have About New Zealand

By Martha Brooke
7th Nov 2016

what new zealand is really like

New Zealand, you are truly beautiful. Come on, what other country has more picture-perfect views, adrenaline-filled activities set amongst spectacular surroundings and as many Insta-worthy brunch shots?

But…amongst all your glorifying moments (and as much as we hate being ‘that’ person) you do, unfortunately, come with a few faults.

From bad driving to cold, wooden villas, New Zealand is like the guy that seems too good to be true—he has his annoying and irritating moments.

Being such a hot-spot for tourists and foreigners from all corners of the world, we thought it best to share what visitors really think of good, old Aotearoa.

  1. These people cannot drive. Undertaking? Really?!
  2. Why are there so many driving tests to pass? Learners, restricted and then full?!
  3. The public transport here is crap.
  4. But the brunch culture is egg-cellent.
  5. Why doesn’t the bill ever get brought to the table? How odd.
  6. $5 for a single avocado is daylight robbery.
  7. Why do houses have heated towel rails but no central heating?
  8. Sorry to say it, but the Aussie and Kiwi accent are more similar than you may think.
  9. Pineapple lumps taste nothing like pineapple.
  10. Why would anyone ever order Goody Gum Drop-flavoured ice-cream? It’s blue-coloured yuckiness.
  11. Kiwis are quite blunt and straight-talking folk.
  12. They also like to drop the ‘c’ bomb fairly frequently.
  13. Double-glazing is needed for the sound of the cicadas alone.
  14. Pies are a way of life here. But not fruit pies—no, no. Mince and cheese pies, people!
  15. They have their own airline and the staff are so nice!
  16. And the air safety videos are out of this world.
  17. Heinz will never be on the same level as Watties.
  18. This version of Cadbury’s tastes nothing like the original English variety. At least you tried!
  19. We’ve gotta hand it to you, Whittaker's is superb!
  20. Rugby is a religion?
  21. You can half flush the toilet? Mind = blown!
  22. What’s with the feijoa obsession? Don’t New Zealanders realise how gross they are?
  23. You don’t need to have car insurance? That’s nuts!
  24. The towns are pretty and quaint…but they all look the same.
  25. And how do people still live in Arrowtown?!
  26. Or Palmerston North, for that matter.
  27. Domino's is dangerously cheap.
  28. Sugar sprinkles on bread is weird.
  29. There are so many job opportunities to be had.
  30. Aotearoa is so beautifully diverse and multicultural.
  31. The capital may as well be Auckland. Soz, Wellie!
  32. No matter how hard we try, pronouncing ‘Wh’ as ‘F’ still feels a bit weird.
  33. New Zealand makes everyone feel safe.
  34. Cheque, savings or credit? WTF?!
  35. You can pay such small amounts of money via EFTPOS—it’s phenomenal! 50c lollies, get at me!
  36. Whitebait fritters *shudder*.
  37. There's much Asian food. Hello endless dumplings, noodles and sushi!
  38. There is so much to do in New Zealand, why would anyone want to leave?

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