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Things To Do In Auckland When It’s Raining

By Natasha Van Der Laan - 10 Apr 2018

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Conch Records Kitchen and Bar

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Ramen Takara Browns Bay

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Petit Bocal

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Ahh Auckland weather, you sure love to throw us some curveballs. One moment it’s all sunshine and happiness and then—plot twist—torrential rain! This tends to happen on the days we leave the house in a summer clothes. Auckland 1, us 0.

But don’t let the rain dampen your mood (pun absolutely intended). There are still plenty of things to do when the heavens part. We’ve rounded up 30 things to do on a rainy day in Auckland—and no, mindlessly watching infomercials isn’t one of them.

Go Skiing Or Snowboarding

Just because it’s wet out, doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun indoors, so grab your winter woollies and snowboard and take a drive out to Silverdale’s Snowplanet for some fun on the slopes. Don’t worry if you don’t own any snow gear, because you can hire everything there. It’s guaranteed to be a fun day out for the whole fam!

Fly A Plane

Ever wanted to fly a plane but realised you can’t because…you’re not a pilot!? Well, now you can with Fly A Jet flight simulator! At this epic Auckland indoor activity, has a cockpit layout that is almost exactly the same as a real jet airliner. Whether you just want to have some fun or work towards learning how to be a pilot, you can do it right in the heart of the city! Your mates will be calling you Maverick in no time.

Get Up Close And Personal With The Ocean

Good ol’ Kelly Tarlton’s. Every Aucklander can remember taking the drive to Mission Bay to go visit the penguins and the sharks as a child. Well, why not relive your youth or take your family to go and experience the wonders of under the sea? And, when you’re done, go grab a gelato in Mission Bay…. Just don’t forget an umbrella!

Cosy Up In A Cafe

If it’s a good cuppa Joe you’re after, then Auckland has an abundance of cosy little cafes fit for curling up with a good book or your lappy. Order a bite to eat and a hot bevvy while the rain pours outside. Check out our faves here.

Try To Escape

Fancy yourself a bit of a problem solver? Well escape rooms might just be right up your alley. Rally your mates and put your thinking caps on, because you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles to escape. So, if you’ve got the kahunas to give this rainy day activity a go, then check out our round up of Auckland’s best escape rooms.

Experience VR

Fancy yourself a bit of a gamer? Then this Auckland rainy day activity is for you. At Virtual Reality Studio you can experience eight different virtual reality spaces, while geared up in their state-of-the-art headsets and hand controllers. Play in real time and get the blood pumping and the LOL’s rolling out.

Visit A Cat Café

Get allll the pats at Barista Cats, Auckland's most lovable cat cafe! Pay just $15 for an hour of ultimate snuggle time with a bunch of fluffy, feline friends. And, while you’re there, enjoy a complimentary coffee and a bite to eat. We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and, if you’re an inner city dweller, you’ll know the sorrow of not being able to own an animal—so this is the perfect place to get your fur baby fix, six days a week!

Read A Book

There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with a great page turner. If you’ve got a stack of library books you’ve been meaning to read, which are actually just collecting dust, then today’s the day to make a start on them! Or, if you haven’t quite found anything that tickles your fancy, here are some books that will change the way you think. Literally. 

Get Your Jump On

Just because it’s raining out, doesn’t mean you can’t still get physical! Grab ya mates and go on a grown-up playdate at Uptown Bounce. iI’s hours of fun…well, at least until you tire. Jump up, jump up and get down. Jump!

Binge On Netflix

Ok, ok, we get it. Sometimes the rainy weather outside just zaps your energy and all you really feel like doing is laying in bed and binging watching your fave Netflix show. We get it, we do it too.

Go Swimming

Just because it’s raining out doesn’t mean you can’t still go for a dip. Auckland has an abundance of indoor swimming pools, so bust out ya swimmers and don a swimming cap, swap the salty waves for a chlorinated breast stroke and make a splash at any of these indoor swimming pools.

Try Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling is one of those activities that’s fun for the whole fam, rain or shine. So, gather your squad, grab a pair of those sexy bowling shoes and get your bowl on. Whether you’re a ten-pin knock-out pro or more of a sides-up kinda person, you’ll be sure to have an afternoon full of giggles with this Auckland rainy day activity.

Head To The Movies

Ahhhhhh the movies, it’s the classic rainy day activity. Popcorn, giant frozen cokes and choc top ice creams are the way to go. Auckland has an abundance of theatres and, if you’re sick of the usual crowds, why not try something a little different and visit an alternative cinema instead?

Soak In Some History

Jump in the car and go for a rainy day drive onto the windy roads of the Auckland Domain and visit the Museum to get a bit of culture into ya! Check out the Maori cultural performances—it’ll make you proud to be a Kiwi and see what exhibitions are on show. Don’t forget to stop at Weird and Wonderful if you’ve got the kids in tow. It’s also free entry if you’re an Auckland resident and you bring some ID. Bonus!

Enjoy Some Art

If the museum wasn’t enough culture for ya, go visit one of Auckland’s many art galleries. Yep—you heard that right, bet you thought there was just one art gallery, right? Wrong! Auckland actually has quite a few and, they are all pretty damn amazing. Check them all out here.

Have All The LOL’s

For alllll the LOL’s and a damn good (dry) night out head along to the Classic Comedy Club. Supporting both local and international talent, this is a great place to have a mates date or a date date, where you can throw back some beers and double over in stitches all night long. Just be sure to take a seat in the back if you’re not too keen to get ripped into.

Drink Allll The Beer

No one cares about the weather when you’re drinking good beer and luckily for us, Auckland is teaming with some pretty A-MAZE-ING craft beer bars. Whether you just want to pop into one for a couple or go on a full blown craft beer crawl, we’ve got the goods on where to find Auckland’s best craft beers.

Start Climbing

For a full body workout and, of course, a way to beat the rainy day blues, why not check out our list of the best places to go indoor rock climbing? You don’t have to be a pro, or really know anything at all about rock climbing because with these establishments you can find a course for an absolute beginner to rock climbing legend and there are even course for the kids to take part.

See A Show At The Civic

Smack bam in the middle of Queen Street is where you’ll find this stunning heritage building. Built as an entertainment venue, The Civic has a fantastic rotating roster of performances such as ballets, stand-up comedy shows, musicals, plays and dance performances. Grab a Kapati ice cream at the concession stand and stay warm and dry while you take in an epic performance. Check out what’s on show at the moment here.

Enjoy Some Cabaret

For an absolutely fabulous night out you just must visit Caluzzi Cabaret, darling! This legendary drag show is a great night out, even when the weather is not-so-fabulous. Book a table, sit down for a meal, down a cocktail or three and let the girls entertain you—you’ll be in stitches all night long!

Shoot Some Pool

Duck in from the rain, grab a pint and have a few games at the iconic Ponsonby Pool Hall. This spot is open seven days a week and open late, it’s the perfect place to meet up with ya mates and have a bit of fun while you wait for the rain to stop.

Hit The (Op) Shops

Shopping is good for the soul—that’s a fact. And op shopping is even better for the soul because it gives you more bang for ya buck, Buying clothes AND saving money? Yes, please! We promise that this activity will make you feel better about the shit weather outside, so check out our list of Auckland’s best op shops here.

Find A Hidden Gem

This little gem hidden away in central Auckland is probs the best food court around and we bet you didn’t even know it was there! Here you can forget about dining on plastic tables—instead enjoy your feast of crepes, German sausage and sauerkraut and tapas on wooden tables, because they’re pretty damn classy down there. Better yet, they take bookings! So go check them out while you’re hiding away from Auckland’s rain.


On ya marks, get set, go! Not to be confused with regular go karts, the bad boys at Blastacars are all about the drifting aspect. The 220-metre drift track is built for up to 12 racers and promises to have your adrenaline pumping the whole time. Perfect for large groups, birthday parties and team bonding exercises, this activity is not only an absolute blast…but it’ll keep you dry as a bone too and the track is built entirely indoors.

Bikram Yoga

Channel your inner Zen and forget about the fact that the sun is but a distant memory with a sweaty hot session of Bikram Yoga. Bikram yoga provides a challenging workout that will strengthen and tone, while giving you more flexibility and peace of mind. Duck in for a session while the weather is dire, check out what’s available here.

Go Ice Skating

Remember the days when you would spend your Friday nights at the Paradice Ice Skating rink, dancing around on the ice, listening to Nelly? Well this establishment is still alive and kickin’ and is the perfect rainy day activity. So, don your ice skates and relive your youth at Paradice.

Dry & Tea

We all know that wet weather and humidity ruins your hair. There’s nothing worse than spending hours fussing about with the straightening irons, only for your hair to look like a frazzled mess within an hour, so why not let the experts at Dry & Tea take care of your hair if you’ve got an event that happens to fall on a wet day? And, if you don’t have an event, why not just do it for you?!

Gloputt Indoor Mini Golf

For a unique and different kind of outing on a crappy Auckland day, why not try out Gloputt, Auckland’s first glow in the dark mini golf attraction. With a 16-hole indoor course to putt around on, the weather won’t be a problem.

Treat Yo Self

What better way to cheer yourself up on a rainy day, then by treating yourself to a treatment or even a whole day of indulgence at Auckland’s best day spas. Mani-pedi, facial, massage, the works! And while you’re at it, grab yourself a bubbles and forget about the storm outside.


Last but certainly not least on our picks of things to do when it’s raining is TimeZone. Indulge your inner big-little kid by thrashing your mates at a game of air hockey, test out your moves on the dance, dance revolution game or pretend you’re Michael Jordan with a few slam dunks on the basketball game.


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